Pocket Pistol

By E. J. Hoffschmidt

IN 1934 Mauser modified their Model 1910 pocket pistol to spur its sale. But this was not good enough—the gun could not compete with the new Walther double-action pistol series. So Mauser developed their own double-

action pocket pistol, the HSc.

The HSc is a far cry from the early intricate and carefully machined military models. Internal parts were stamped out wherever possible, and music wire springs replaced expensive machined types. The result was a simple rugged pistol, well suited for mass production and salable at a competitive price.

The HSc is a natural pocket pistol with no sharp edges to hang up in the pocket. The gun has an excellent grip and a fairly good double-action trigger pull. The design has one drawback for a person with a large hand. If the gun is gripped and fired hurriedly, there is a possibility of the hammer catching some of the skin between the thumb and forefinger as it is forced back to full cock position. Aside from this, the gun reflects the design skill that has made the Mauser name famous. Many of the operating parts perform 2 or more functions. For instance, the simple stamped bar pinned to the frame acts as magazine safety, slide hold-open device, and ejector. Another part, the cartridge feed cam, positions the incoming round, puts tension on the sear spring, and also acts as a retainer for the hammer hinge pin. Such clever designing kept the number of parts to a minimum without loss of efficiency.

Slide release

The slide release system is a carryover from the old Model 1910 pocket pistol. When the last shot is fired, the slide stays open. It can be closed only by partially withdrawing the magazine and pushing it back into place again. If a loaded magazine is inserted with the slide held open, the slide will automatically run forward and chamber the first round in the magazine.

Another clever feature is the operation of the safety. When applied, it lifts and locks the tail of the firing pin into the. top of the slide.

Commercial HSc pistols are well made and finished. Wartime production specimens for military use function reliably, but lack the fine prewar finish that made Mauser products world renowned.

E. J. Hoffschmidt, an artist-illustrator, has long been a student of firearms.

Mauser Hsc DisassemblyHsc Hold OpenMauser Hsc AssemblyBenelli Cal32 Canon

W frame as shown. Use a screwdriver or block of wood to push down latch and rotate it clockwise 180°. Care must be taken to prevent latch from flying out since it is under heavy spring tension---

Mauser Pocket Pistol Parts

ITo take down the HSc, remove magazine and clear chamber. Pull hammer back to full cock and put safety catch down over red dot. Hold down notched catch inside front of trigger guard. At same time pull slide forward and upward until it is free of frame

3 The safety catch (9) is held in place by a detent (5) and spring (4) that also octuate extractor. To remove firing pin (8) or safety catch, lift end of firing pin to position shown. Turn safety to a position halfway between 'on' and 'off' positions and push safety out with a screwdriver as shown. Remove extractor and detent parts

Parts Legend

1. Slide

2. Extractor

3. Extractor plunger

4. Extractor spring

5. Safety detent plunger

6. Rear sight

7. Firing pin spring

8. Firing pin

9. Safety catch

10. Recoil spring

11. Barrel

12. Takedown latch

13. Takedown latch spring

14. Magazine safety

15. Sear

16. Sear spring

17. Cartridge feed cam

18. Magazine safety spring

19. Sear hinge pin

20. Hammer hinge pin

21. Hammer

22. Strut pin

23. Hammer strut

24. Hammer spring

25. Magazine catch

26. Magazine

27. Magazine catch pin

28. Disconnector

29. Trigger bar

30. Trigger pin

31. Trigger

32. Trigger spring

33. Frame

34. Left grip

35. Grip screw

36. Right grip

37. Grip screw

4 To replace safety catch, back (8) and spring (7) into slide. Lift pin tail as in disassembly. Install safety push firing pin down into place. Replace detent port and push extractor in and back until it seats itself properly in slide

5 When magazine catch pin (27) is removed, magazine catch (25), hammer strut (23), and spring (24) come out as an assembly. This assembly can be taken apart by giving magazine catch a quarter turn. Great care must be taken when assembling or disassembling these pieces since they are under heavy spring tension

W frame as shown. Use a screwdriver or block of wood to push down latch and rotate it clockwise 180°. Care must be taken to prevent latch from flying out since it is under heavy spring tension---

Mauser Pistol World War

2 To remove barrel, hold

Push chamber end of barrel forward and upward until it clears bolt face. If barrel is held too tightly in slide, use a block of wood or magazine floorplate to lever it out

Browning Pocket Pistol MagazineBest Pocket PistolMauser Hsc MagazineMauser Hsc Trigger Spring

The Mauser HSc cal. .32 double-action pistol saw wide service during World War II and was carried by many German officers. It was first manufactured in the early 1930's, and production continued through World War II. Prewar guns can be recognized by their fine finish and the Mauser trademark on the magazine. Wartime guns usually lack the fine finish, but are still among the best pocket pistols yet designed.

One of a series

There are 2 common varieties of floorplates: the flat prewar with Mauser trademark and the wartime with a depression on the front edge. Floorplates with finger extensions are uncommon. The cutout on the floorplate allows the magazine catch to hold on the backstrap and not exert pressure on the floorplate.

Mauser HSc magazines have the carefully machined follower that has given them a reputation for reliability. The long cut down the back of the follower and magazine backstrap is another point of identification. — E. J. HOFFSCHMIDT

Mauser HSc Cal. 32

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