Safety cam

(L) and remove bolt handle (N) to rear of bolt. Extractors (B, C) can be removed by drifting out extractor pins (D. E) from bottom to top. After reassembling bolt handle and sleeve to bolt, insert mainspring and plunger into firing pin. Press mainspring into firing pin with blade of small screwdriver or similar tool and replace bolt sleeve pin over mainspring. With bolt cocked, replace safety cam and pin in rear of firing pin

34. Trigger adjusting screw

35. Trigger

36. Trigger pin

37. Trigger spring

38. Magazine lock plunger

39. Magazine lock plunger spring

40. Magazine lock bracket

41. Magazine lock bracket screws (2)

42. Magazine lock

43. Magazine lock pin

44. Front guard bow screw nut

45. Rear guard bow screw bushing

46. Front guard bow extension screw bushing

47. Stock

48. Guard bow

49. Rear guard bow screw

50. Front guard bow screw

51. Guard bow extension

52. Magazine lock button

53. Magazine lock button bushing

54. Front guard bow extension screw

55. Loading platform (magazine assembly not shown)

56. Swivel base guide

57. Swivel base guide screws (2)

58. Front swivel assembly

59. Rear swivel (not shown)

60. Buttpiate (not shown)

61. Buttpiate screws (not shown)

Disassembly Procedure

To remove bolt assembly (22), open bolt and, while pulling trigger, press down on bolt stop (25) through hole in top of ejector (2) with small punch or similar instrument. Draw bolt out of receiver (1).

To remove barrel and receiver from stock, press in magazine lock button (52) and remove magazine or loading platform (55) from underside of stock. Unscrew rear guard bow screw (49) and front guard bow extension screw (54). Lift barrel and receiver out of stock (47).

To remove trigger assembly, drift out 2 trigger housing pins (24). Remove ejector (2) from top of receiver and drop trigger housing (23) out bottom of receiver. Remove magazine lock plunger (38) and spring (39). To remove trigger (35), remove 3 adjusting screws (32, 33, 34). Remove sear screw (30) and sear spring (29). Drive out trigger pin (36) and bolt stop pin (26). Trigger, bolt stop (25), and sear (28) can now be removed from trigger housing. Magazine lock assembly is removed from underside of receiver by unscrewing 2 magazine lock bracket screws (41).

To remove safety (17) unscrew safety shaft lock screw (21) in left side of receiver and pull safety out to rear, taking care not to lose safety detent spring (20) and detent (19). Reverse procedure to reassemble. ■

Black Powder Cannon Diagram

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