Remington Model 592 rifle.

Illustrations by JOHN F. FINNEGAN Text by LUDWIG OLSON

IN 1959, Winchester-Western took a bold step in the rimfire ammunition field by introducing its .22 WMR (Winchester Magnum Rimfire) cartridge. Designed for hunting small game and varmints, this round offered advantages of much higher ballistic performance than other .22 rimfire cartridges and far less cost than center-fire rifle ammunition.

Remington's entry in this field was the 5 mm. Remington Rim Fire Magnum cartridge, brought on the market in 1970. It features a bottleneck case and a 38-gr., jacketed hollow-point bullet of .2045" diameter, slightly smaller than cal. .22. Muzzle velocity of this round fired in a 24" barrel is 2100 f.p.s. (feet per second). 100 f.p.s. faster than the .22 WMR.

Introduced with the 5 mm. cartridge were two new Remington bolt-action repealing rifles chambered for it, the Model 591 with detachable, four-round box magazine. and the Model 592 featuring a 10-rdund, tubular magazine under the barrel. These rifles are generally alike except for their feed systems.

An outstanding feature of these rifles is the unusual extractor and ejector system. The long springy extractor has a forward projecting hook which rests on a barrel ramp. As the bolt is turned open, the spring-actuated ejector in the left side of the receiver is moved rearward by a latch on the bolt head. This starts extraction of the case, and the extractor then engages the rim to complete extraction. Primary extraction with this system is very powerful. Also, this design permits the barrel and bolt head to enclose the case head completely. This is important since a rimfire case is not very strong in the head area, and the cartridge develops high pressure.

The bolt mechanism has a separate, nonrotary bolt head and six locking lugs on the bolt body. Other principal features of the action are a speed-lock firing mech anism with extremely fast lock time, and a single-stage trigger. On the right side of the action behind the bolt handle is a thumb-operated safety. When the safety is pushed all the way forward, it depresses the bolt stop to permit removal of the bolt.

Both rifles have 24" round barrels. The six-groove rifling has a twist of one turn in 12", and the groove diameter is .2045".

A fully-adjustable, U-notch open rear sight and bead front sight are fitted to the barrel. The top of the receiver is grooved for installation of clamp-on telescope sight mounts.

The walnut-finish hardwocd stock of both models has a pistol grip and Monte Carlo comb. Fitted to it are a black plastic buttplate and brown plastic grip cap.

These lightweight repeating rifles and the cartridge they fire are well suited for hunting small game and varmints. The rifles were discontinued in 1973, but the cartridge is still in the Remington line.

Sako 591 Magazin

1 Prior to disassembly, unload rifle.

Remove magazine assembly (38) from Model 591, and inner magazine tube (36) from Model 592. Tilt muzzle of Model 592 downward to unload tubular magazine. Replace inner magazine tube, and open and close action several times to remove any cartridges remaining in rifle. Then, remove inner magazine tube. Open bolt, and pull rearward to bolt stop (8). Push safety (60) completely forward, and remove bolt assembly from rifle.

Takedown Rifle Assembles

2 Unscrew takedown screw (73 for Model 591; 72 for Model 592), and remove stock (68) from barrel and action.

Bolt Body Remington Long Rifle

3 Use a drift punch and hammer to drive out bolt assembly pin (4), and separate bolt head (6) from bolt body assembly (5). Clamp a Va" drift punch in a vise so that end of punch projects IV2" beyond vise jaws. Position front of striker (69) against punch, and push bolt body toward vise to move cocking piece (17) out of engagement with notch in bolt body. Then, unscrew and remove bolt plug (7) and striker assembly as a unit. While holding striker in a padded vise, drive out striker cross pin (70) with a punch, and remove cocking piece, striker washer (71), and mainspring (50). Take care in doing this since cocking piece is under heavy spring pressure.

Remington Model Assembly

4 Unscrew four receiver cover screws (59), and remove receiver cover (58) from left side of receiver assembly (57). Pry out ejector cover (19), and remove ejector spring (22) and ejector spring guide (23). Reassemble in reverse.

5 During reassembly of Model 592, small stud on outer magazine tube (51) must engage with groove in barrel bracket (3). Bend small tongue on tube so that it engages against rear of bracket and prevents tube from moving forward.

6 Firing pin must be cocked when replacing bolt in receiver. Align rib (A) on bottom of bolt head with groove (B) on bolt body assembly. Start bolt assembly in receiver with handle at two o'clock position, press safety forward all the way, and push bolt forward.

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