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Introduced in 1963. the Remington Model 1100 semi-automatic shotgun proved an outstanding success from the start. This gas-operated gun with tubular magazine is offered in field, trap, and skeet versions, and various grades. There is also a deer gun version designed for firing rifled-slug loads.

When first brought out. the Model

1100 was offered in 12-ga. 2X" and 12-ga. three-inch Magnum only. Later, it also became available in 16-, 20-. and 28-ga. 20-ga. three-inch

Magnum, and .410 bore V/i" and three-inch. Interchangeable barrels with various chokes and lengths (25" only for 28-ga. and .410 bore are available. A ventilated rib is standard on trap and skeet versions, and can be furnished on field guns at extra cost.

Gas for operating the action is vented

Parts Legend

1. Action bar

2. Action bar sleeve'

3. Action spring

4. Action spring follower

5. Action spring plug

6. Action spring plug pin

7. Action spring tube nut

8. Action spring tube nut lock washer

9. Action spring tube nut washer

10. Barrel

11. Barrel seal

12. Breechbolt

13. Breechbolt buffer

14. Breechbolt return plunger

15. Breechbolt return plunger retaining ring

16. Breechbolt return plunger spring

17. Buttplate

18. Buttplate screw (2)

19. Buttplate spacer

20. Carrier

21. Carrier dog

22. Carrier dog pin

23. Carrier dog washer 48.

24. Carrier dog follower 49.

25. Carrier dog follower spring 50.

26. Carrier latch 51.

27. Carrier latch pin 52.

28. Carrier latch follower 53.

29. Carrier latch spring 54.

30. Carrier pivot tube 55.

31. Carrier release 56.

32. Carrier release pin 57.

33. Carrier release spring 58.

34. Connector, left 59.

35. Connector, right 60.

36. Connector pin 61.

37. Disconnector 62.

38. Ejector 63.

39. Extractor 64.

40. Extractor plunger 65.

41. Extractor spring 66.

42. Feed latch 67.

43. Firing pin 68.

44. Firing pin retaining pin 69.

45. Firing pin retractor spring 70.

47. Fore-end support assembly 72.

Front sight

Front sight base

Grip cap

Grip cap inlay

Grip cap screw

Grip cap spacer


Hammer pin

Hammer pin washer

Hammer plunger

Hammer spring

Interceptor latch

Interceptor latch retainer

Interceptor latch spring


Locking block assembly Magazine cap Magazine cap detent Magazine cap detent spring Magazine cap plug Magazine follower Magazine spring Magazine spring retainer Operating handle Operating handle plunger through two orifices in the barrel and impinges on a ring-shaped piston encircling the magazine tube. The piston drives back the action bar sleeve, action bar. and breechbolt. This compresses the action spring which drives the parts back into battery. The functioning cycle is smooth and fast, and the felt recoil is minimized. Also, the gun is not sensitive to operating pressure. and various loads from light to heavy can be fired without adjustment.

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