Remington Model Rifle

Remington Model 510 Cal

Model 510 Targetmaster rifle.

Remington Model 512X rifle.

Remington Nylon 11 rifle.

Remington 512x Sear SaleDissassembling Remington 510Walther Gsp Bolt Disassembly

Model 510 Targetmaster rifle.

Remington Model 512X rifle.

Remington Nylon 11 rifle.

1 Before starting to disassemble rifle, unload it. Lift bolt handle (3), push safety lever (25) forward, pull trigger, and withdraw bolt assembly from rifle. When replacing bolt assembly, firing mechanism must be cocked. This is indicated by red band on safety indicator (24) protruding from rear of bolt sleeve (4). If mechanism is uncocked, cock it by pushing bolt into receiver (20) as far as possible, and lifting bolt handle. With safety lever forward, hold trigger rearward, and slide bolt assembly into rifle. In the Model 510, forward motion of bolt will be stopped by safety (23). Release trigger and turn safety lever rearward. Push bolt assembly forward, and lower bolt handle.

2 When replacing Model 512 bolt assembly, cartridge stop (EE) must be in upward position. If not, reach into receiver opening with small tool and press downward on rear of stop. In all three models, firing mechanism will uncock if safety lever is forward and bolt handle is lowered while pulling trigger.

4 Loosen takedown screw (30) and remove barrel and action from stock (29). In Model 511, press magazine lock (A) rearward and remove magazine before removing barrel and action. Unscrew safety screw (26) and safety lever (25). Remove safety (23), trigger spring plunger (37), and spring (36) from receiver. Then, unscrew sear pivot screw (27). In Model 510, remove sear spacing collar (28). In Model 512, remove cartridge stop (EE), carrier (FF), carrier spacer bushing (GG), and carrier tension spring (HH).

5 Drive out trigger pin (35). Push trigger assembly (32) upward into receiver. Then, push assembly forward and remove sear first through bottom of receiver. In Model 511, unscrew magazine lock screw (B), and remove magazine lock and spacer (C). Magazine lock of early Model 511 rifles is attached directly to stock from inside and comes out with stock. Slide rear receiver insert (E) forward in receiver before removing trigger assembly. Remove insert from receiver.

6 Unscrew ejector screw (7) and remove ejector (6). When replacing sear pivot screw, assemble to full depth, back off one-half turn and re-stake in place (arrow). In Model 512, unscrew cartridge retainer spring screw (DD) and remove cartridge retainer spring (CC) and cartridge retainer (BB) from left of receiver. Unscrew magazine screw (KK) and remove magazine (JJ). Reassemble in reverse.

3 To strip bolt assembly, uncock by rotating bolt handle until firing pin cam pin (13) moves to forward position at base of handle. Tap out bolt sleeve pin (5). Use care as bolt sleeve is under tension of mainspring. Remove bolt sleeve, mainspring (15), and safety indicator. Slide mainspring plunger (16) from bolt (2). Push out firing pin cam pin, and remove bolt handle assembly and firing pin assembly (12). Drive out extractor pins (10) and remove extractors (8 and 9), and extractor spring (11).

The Sportmaster Model 512 Exploded ViewRemington Sportmaster 512

Model 512 (below)

AA. Receiver insert BB. Cartridge retainer CC. Cartridge retainer spring DD. Cartridge retainer spring screw EE. Cartridge stop

FF. Carrier GG. Carrier Spacer bushing HH. Carrier tension spring JJ. Magazine KK. Magazine screw

Illustrations by FRANK G. HART Text by LUDWIG OLSON

The Remington Model 510 Target-master .22 rimfire bolt-action rifle introduced in 1939 was an inexpensive single-shot arm intended for informal target shooting and small game hunting. Chambered for .22 short, long, and long rifle cartridges, this rifle was also available in a smoothbore version for firing shot cartridges. It was produced chiefly in the 51 OA version with open rear sight, but was also offered in a 51 OP version with aperture rear sight at extra cost.

Among the outstanding features of the Model 510 were its 25" round barrel, one-piece walnut stock, cock-on-opening action, dual locking lugs, and twin extractors. When the rifle was cocked, a red-tipped firing indicator projected from the rear of the bolt sleeve. The safety on the right rear of the action engaged automatically as the bolt was pulled back.

Two Remington .22 rimfire bolt-action repeating rifles were brought on the market shortly after introduction of the Model 510. One was the Model 511 Scoremaster with detachable box magazine, while the other was the Model 512 Sportmaster with tubular magazine under the barrel. Equipped with a manual safety that did not engage automatically when the bolt was retracted, these rifles were chambered for .22 short, long, and long rifle cartridges. They were basically similar to the Model 510 which resulted in a "family of rifles" that facilitated production.

In 1962, the Models 510, 511, and 512 were replaced by the Nylon 10 single-shot, Nylon 11 box-magazine, and Nylon 12 tubular-magazine rifles. Basically similar to the 510 series, these new rifles featured one-piece nylon stocks and trigger guards, 24" barrels, improved sights, and a flat bolt handle.

A further change occurred in 1964 when the nylon series bolt-action rifles were replaced by the Models 51 OX, 51IX, and 512X .22 rimfire rifles with walnut stocks. These new models had barrels and sights similar to those of the nylon series bolt-action rifles, but were otherwise the same as the older Models 510, 511 and 512.

On introduction of the Remington 580 series .22 rimfire rifles in 1967, the 510 series was discontinued. ■

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