Remington Model Rifle

Remington 552 Magazine ScrewRemington 552 Bolt AssemblyRemington 552 Magazine Screw

Remington Model 552 Speed-.22 rimfire semi-automatic was introduced in 1957. A blow-back-operated autoloader designed for informal target shooting and small-game hunting, it fires .22 short, long, and long rifle regular and high-velocity cartridges interchangeably and without adjustment. The 552 bolt is sufficiently light to permit functioning with low-power cartridges, and a buffer in the rear of the receiver cushions the bolt when high-power rounds are fired. The steel buffer is backed by a large rubber buffer pad.

The Model 552 follows the family of guns concept in which several basic parts of one gun are interchangeable with those of other guns in the same family. This facilitates manufacture, and reduces material and machine requirements.

Made of black-finished lightweight alloy, the receiver is gracefully rounded on the upper rear to give a trim appearance, and has dovetail grooves along its top for a clamp-on telescope sight mount. The trigger plate is also black-

2 Unlock and remove inner-magazine tube assembly (37). Loosen takedown screw (58), lift rear of fore-end (26) away from barrel (3) slightly, and slide forward to clear front of receiver. Grasp fore-end and barrel firmly, and pull complete bolt, barrel, and fore-end group from receiver.

3 Disengage lug of action-bar assembly from slot in bolt (4). Ease action-bar assembly forward to relieve tension of action spring (2), and remove bolt assembly from barrel. This is sufficient disassembly for normal cleaning.

finished lightweight alloy.

A sheet metal deflector on the right of the receiver just behind the ejection port is designed to deflect empty cartridge cases and powder gases away from the shooter. The safety is of cross-bolt type and located in the trigger guard.

Fitted to the underside of the 23" round tapered barrel is a tubular magazine with capacity of 20 short. 17 long, and 15 long-rifle cartridges. Also fitted to the barrel are a metal bead front sight and U-notch open rear sight adjustable for elevation.

The nicely-shaped walnut stock and fore-end with gloss finish are proportioned for use by adults, and the butt-plate is checkered black plastic.

In addition to standard grade, the Model 52 is produced in Carbine, BDL Deluxe, and Gallery Special versions. The Gallery Special Rifle fires .22 short cartridges only, and the Carbine version has a 21" barrel. Special features of the BDL Deluxe rifle are a checkered grip and fore-end, Du Pont RK-W wood finish, and improved sights. ■

4 For further disassembly, drive firing-pin retaining pin (25) from left to right out of bolt and remove firing pin (24). Drive extractor pin (21) from bolt, and remove extractor (20), extractor spring (22), and extractor-spring seat (23). Insert small flat tool into ejection slot at breech end of barrel. Push front end of ejector (19) outward, and remove from barrel.

Illustrations by FRANK G. HART Text by LUDWIG OLSON

1 Before disassembly, open action and check barrel chamber and magazine to make sure rifle is unloaded. With safety (47) in safe position (red marking on safety will not show), cock action by pulling action bar (1) rearward. Drive out front and rear trigger-plate pins (65) and (66). Grasp trigger plate (61) and pull trigger-plate assembly from receiver (44).

Remington Disassembly


1. Action-bar assembly

2. Action spring

3. Barrel

4. Bolt

5. Bolt buffer

6. Buffer pad

7. Buttplate

8. Buttplate screw (2)

9. Carrier

10. Carrier-pivot tube

11. Carrier spring

12. Cartridge ramp

13. Connector, right

14. Connector, left

15. Connector pin

16. Deflector

17. Deflector screw (2)

18. Disconnector

19. Ejector

20. Extractor

21. Extractor pin

22. Extractor spring

23. Extractor-spring seat

24. Firing pin

25. Firing-pin retaining pin

26. Fore-end

27. Fore-end escutcheon

28. Fore-end escutcheon nut

29. Fore-end hanger

30. Fore-end support

31. Front sight

32. Hammer

33. Hammer pin

34. Hammer-pin washer

35. Hammer plunger


36. Hammer spring

37. Inner-magazine tube assembly

38. Magazine ring

39. Magazine screw

40. Open-sight leaf

41. Open-sight screw (2)

42. Open-sight step

43. Outer-magazine tube

44. Receiver

45. Receiver bushing

46. Receiver cover

47. Safety

48. Safety-detent ball

49. Safety spring

50. Safety-spring retaining pin

51. Sear

52. Sear pin

53. Sear spring

54. Stock

55. Stock bolt

56. Stock-bolt lock washer

57. Stock-bolt washer

58. Takedown screw

59. Trigger

60. Trigger pin

61. Trigger plate

62. Trigger-plate pin bushing, rear

63. Trigger-plate pin detent spring, front (2)

64. Trigger-plate pin detent spring, rear

65. Trigger-plate pin, front

66. Trigger-plate pin, rear

Remington 552 Cartridge Ramp

5 Unscrew magazine screw (39) from magazine ring (38), and remove outer magazine tube (43), fore-end, action-bar assembly, and action spring. Unscrew and remove fore-end hanger (29) and cartridge ramp (12) from barrel. Unscrew and remove buttplate screws (8) and buttplate (7). Reach into hole in rear of stock with a long-bladed screwdriver, and unscrew stock bolt (55). Remove stock bolt, stock-bolt washer (57), stock-bolt lock washer (56), and stock (54). Reassemble rifle in reverse. Bent rear tail of disconnector (18) must be under connector, left (14).

BDL Grade Sights Parts Legend

A. Rear-sight assembly

B. Rear-sight base

C. Rear-sight base screw (2)

D. Rear-sight screw

E. Rear-sight step

F. Rear-sight washer (2)

G. Front sight

H. Front-sight screw (2) J. Front-sight washer (2)

Remington Model 572

The Remington Model 572 was introduced in early 1955 to meet the demand for a man-sized slide-action rifle chambered for the economical .22 rimfire cartridge. An interesting feature is the aluminum alloy receiver, grooved on top for detachable scope mounts. Also, the Model 572 functions without adjustment with the short, long, and long rifle cartridges, with magazine capacity of 20, 17, and 15 respectively. It

By Thomas E. Wessel can be single loaded by merely opening the breech and dropping a cartridge into the ejection port. Closing the action chambers the cartridge.

Initially it was offered with steel barrel and American walnut stock assembly. Subsequently a lightweight version appeared featuring a barrel with steel liner and aluminum jacket. Variations of this model are offered with stock of bleached Sun Grain walnut and with receivers and barrels colored bronze-brown, black, or blue, under the catalog names of Buckskin Tan, Crow Wing Black, and Teal Wing Blue.

Remington 572 Buckskin Tan

ITo disassemble rifle, drift out front and rear trigger plate pins (11 & 12) from either side of receiver (1). Use small punch. These pins are conically counterbored for this purpose. Lift out trigger plate (15) assembly

Remington Model Buffer PadRemington 572 Trigger Assembly PicsRemington 572 Trigger Assembly PicsRemington 572 Buckskin TanRemington 572 Trigger Assembly Pics

2 Pull fore-end (4) forward and turn rifle over. Using proper-size screwdriver, carefully remove barrel lock screw (6). Caution

Do not disturb receiver bushing (9) or the manner in which it is staked into receiver. Grasp fore-end assembly and barrel firmly nnd pull barrel and bolt assembly forward together

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