Remington Model X Target Rifle

The Remington Model 40X smallbore target rifle was introduced in 1955. Chambered for the cal. .22 long rifle cartridge, the Model 40X is of single-shot type with speed-lock firing mechanism. The bolt has 2 large locking lugs. The upper lug engages the forward edge of the receiver bridge, whereas the lower lug is housed in a mortise cut into the bottom of the receiver.

The trigger mechanism is adjustable for weight of pull, travel of trigger, and overtravel of trigger. Adjustment for weight of pull is made by loosening or tightening an external screw within the guard loop and forward of the trigger.

The barreled action must be removed from the stock assembly to make the other trigger adjustments. Amount of trigger travel is varied by adjustment of the trigger stop screw in rear of the trigger assembly. To make this adjustment, screw in trigger stop screw until firing pin will fall without trigger being pulled. Then back off trigger stop screw approximately Vs turn, or until firing pin will not fall unless trigger is pulled. Engagement of sear with connector should be approximately .010". An inspection hole in right side of trigger housing is provided for viewing this engagement.

Adjustment for trigger overtravel (overdraw) is made with the trigger stop screw at front of trigger housing assembly. To make this adjustment, screw in trigger stop screw until firing pin will not fall while pulling trigger. Continue pulling trigger and screw out trigger stop screw until firing pin will fall. Then screw out trigger stop screw a fraction more. A drop of Du Pont or a similar cement should then be placed on heads of both trigger stop screws to seal the adjustments.

M14 Trigger Adjustment ScrewRemington 40x Bolt

1 Disassemble Model 40X by pushing safety (34) to fire position, press upward on bolt stop release (23). raise bolt handle, and withdraw bolt assembly from receiver (6). Engage rearmost notch of firing pin head (61) on edge of bench, or grip fiat undersection of firing pin head in vise, and pull back until coin can be inserted between firing pin head and bolt plug (62, upper arrow). Unscrew bolt plug with firing pin mechanism from bolt body.

3 Insert front end of firing pin assembly into a Va" hole drilled in a hardwood block held firmly in a vise. Exert forward pressure on bolt plug (62) until drift and coin drop away. Slowly release tension rearward on mainspring. Further disassembly is immediately apparent.

5 To remove extractors (56 & 57), insert small screwdriver blade between extractor plunger (55) and rear shoulder of extractor. Force plunger rearward in bolt head and away from rear shoulder of extractor. Pry up and raise rear of extractor from slot in boll head, then pivot extractor in slot and remove from bolt head. Extractor plunger and extractor spring (54) can be removed at this time. Instructions arc for right or left extractor.

Remington Bolt Plug

2 Drift out firing pin cross pin (60) using drift or long slave pin which takes place of the cross pin in the firing pin head. Be careful not to dislodge the coin at this time as the mainspring (58) will cause the parts to fly with great force.

4 Using a small drift, remove bolt pins (52) from locking lugs on bolt body (51). Pull away bolt head (53).

6 Bolt assembly cannot be reassembled to rifle unless firing pin is in retracted position. If firing pin has been released forward, retract it by gripping flat undersection of firing pin head tightly in a vise and raising bolt handle upward. This will cam bolt body forward and retract firing pin. Reassemble arm in reverse order. Do not disassemble trigger housing.

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