Remington Nylon Rifle

Illustrations By FRANK G. HART Text By LUDWIG OLSON

Introduction of the Remington Nylon 66 cal. .22 semi-automatic rifle in 1959 heralded a new concept in firearms. Featuring a one-piece stock, receiver, and fore-end produced from structural nylon, this unusual blowback-operated rifle was designed by a team of Remington engineers headed by Wayne E. Leek. The designation Nylon 66 was taken from the name of the high-strength DuPont nylon selected for the rifle.

Chambered for .22 long-rifle rimfire regular or high-speed cartridges, this rifle has a 14-round tubular magazine in the buttstock. Due to the unusual construction, troublesome fitting of stock to receiver is eliminated. Another highly favorable feature is that the nylon is extremely strong and does not warp. Also, the self-lubricating properties of nylon make the need for oiling the rifle unnecessary except to prevent rusting of steel parts. This reduction in amount of lubricant helps prevent sluggishness in

Remington Disassembly

1 Before disassembly, make sure rifle is unloaded. Engage safety (36) on safe position to rear. Pull bolt handle (8) rearward, and check barrel chamber through open ejection port. Colored magazine follower should be visible. With action cocked, grasp bolt handle firmly and pull to right from rifle.

Remington 600 Rear Sight Assembly

3 Loosen barrel lock screw (6) until barrel bracket (4) can be moved upward in stock assembly far enough to clear slot in top of barrel (3). Pull barrel forward from stock assembly.

cold weather and slows accumulation of fouling in the mechanism.

Weight of this reliably functioning rifle is only 4Va lbs., and handling qualities are excellent. Accuracy is very good for a semi-automatic rifle, especially considering the lightness of the arm.

The lightweight barrel of 195/s" length is fitted with a square-top front sight of ramp type. A fully adjustable square-notch rear sight is fastened to the receiver cover assembly. Lengthwise grooves on top of the receiver cover permit easy attachment of standard clamp-on telescope sight mounts.

In addition to the stock assembly, the bolt handle, safety, trigger, trigger guard, and several other parts are nylon. The barrel, breechbolt, receiver cover assembly, striker, springs, and various small components are steel. When first introduced, this rifle was offered with choice of Mohawk Brown or Seneca Green stock. Seneca Green was later dropped, and Apache Black was added. The version with Apache Black stock has a chrome-plated barrel and receiver cover. These parts on other Nylon 66 rifles are blued. ■

Remington Nylon Cal

2 Unscrew and remove the two cover screws (14). Lift receiver cover assembly (34) from stock assembly (46). Replace bolt handle into hole in bolt (7) until handle is retained by pressure of action spring plunger (2).

Remington Nylon Bolt

5 Remove bolt handle. Push bolt forward and remove from stock assembly. Action spring (1) and action spring plunger (2) are also disassembled from rifle at this time.

Rifle Trigger

6 Push safety forward to fire position.

Take care not to touch trigger (48) since firing pin striker (27) is under compressed load of firing pin striker spring (28). Hold cocked striker against pressure of spring, pull trigger, and ease striker forward until spring tension is relieved. Remove striker, spring, and striker spring sleeve (47). Drive out trigger guard assembly pin (51), and pull trigger guard (50) from stock assembly. This is sufficient disassembly for normal cleaning.

Trigger Guard Assembly

7 Reassemble in reverse. Place striker spring sleeve (with flanged end rearward) into hole in stock assembly. Replace spring over sleeve. Slide striker rearward along bolt rails in stock assembly until spring enters hole in rear of striker and rearward motion of striker is stopped by sear (43). Pull trigger. Push downward on front end of sear and move striker rearward over sear until cocked. Release trigger. Sear will hold striker cocked in rearward position. When reassembling receiver cover assembly to stock assembly, cartridge feed guide (9), must lie in forward position on barrel (arrow).

Remington Nylon Apache Black Chrome

Remove ejector (19) from recess in left side of stock assembly. Remove barrel lock screw, barrel bracket, and barrel support (5) from stock assembly.

M16 Barrel Lock

Parts Legend

1. Action spring

2. Action spring plunger

3. Barrel

4. Barrel bracket

5. Barrel support

6. Barrel lock screw

7. Bolt

8. Bolt handle

9. Cartridge feed guide

10. Cartridge feed insert

11. Cartridge stop

12. Cartridge stop pin

13. Cartridge stop spring

15. Disconnector

16. Disconnector pivot

17. Disconnector pivot spring

18. Disconnector pivot pin

19. Ejector

20. Extractor

21. Extractor plunger

22. Extractor spring

23. Firing pin

24. Firing pin retaining pin

25. Firing pin retractor spring

26. Firing pin stop pin

27. Firing pin striker

28. Firing pin striker spring

29. Front sight

30. Front sight screw (2)

31. Front sight washer (2)

32. Inner magazine tube assembly

33. Outer magazine tube

34. Receiver cover assembly

35. Rear cover screw bushing

36. Safety

37. Safety detent ball

38. Safety detent retaining pin

39. Safety detent spring

40. Safety lever

41. Safety lever pin

42. Safety lever cam pin

43. Sear

44. Sear assembly pin

45. Sear spring

46. Stock assembly

47. Striker spring sleeve

48. Trigger

49. Trigger assembly pin

50. Trigger guard

51. Trigger guard assembly pin

52. Trigger spring

Illustrations by FRANK G. HART. Text by LUDWIG OLSON

Remington Arms Co., Inc., produced many models of bolt-action, slide-action, and semi-automatic rifles through the years, but did not offer a lever-action repeater until 1962 when they brought their Nylon 76 Trail Rider rifle on the market. Chambered for .22 long rifle rimfire regular or highspeed cartridges, the Nylon 76 was designed for informal target shooting and small game hunting. Except for its lever-operated action, this lightweight repeater is basically similar to its companion arm, the Nylon 66 semi-auto

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