In 1900 the Austrian Arms Factory of Steyr, Austria, introduced a Mann-licher bolt-action rifle with spool-type rotary magazine perfected by Otto Schoenauer, director of that firm. In 1903 Greece adopted a military rifle of this pattern in cal. 6.5 mm. In that same year the Steyr firm offered a sporting carbine chambered for the same cartridge, designated 6.5x53 mm. Mann-licher-Schoenauer. (This cartridge was also known as the 6.7x53 mm. M. S. as it was Austrian practice to denote caliber by bullet diameter rather than bore diameter.) The cal. 6.5 mm. Model 1903 carbine was regularly furnished with 17.7" barrel, which made the arm both light and compact. The long cal. 6.5 mm. bullets penetrated well and the

8x56 Mannlicher Sch Nauer

Parts Legend

1. Ejector screw

2. Ejector

3. Bolt head

4. Extractor

5. Firing pin

6. Firing pin spring

7. Bolt, stripped

8. Safety catch spring

9. Safety catch

10. Cocking piece

11. Firing pin nut

12. Bolt, assembled

13. Bolt stop

14. Bolt stop spring

15. Bolt stop pin

16. Rear sight

17. Barrel and receiver

18. Front sight

19. Cartridge stop screw

20. Cartridge stop spring

21. Cartridge stop

22. Bolt tension spring

23. Sear

24. Sear spring

25. Sear carrier

27. Trigger connection

28. Magazine follower

29. Magazine box

30. Floorplate spring retainer

31. Rear magazine bearing

32. Magazine spring

33. Front magazine bearing

34. Carbine stock

35. Fore-end cap

36. Fore-end cap screw

37. Front swivel screw

38. Front swivel

39. Front receiver screw

40. Floorplate spring

41. Floorplate

42. Set trigger mainspring screw

43. Set trigger mainspring

44. Set trigger housing

45. Set trigger sear spring

46. Trigger pin, rear

47. Trigger pin, front

48. Trigger sear

49. Front trigger

50. Rear trigger

51. Adjusting screw

52. Trigger guard

53. Trigger guard screw

54. Rear receiver screw little Model 1903 carbine was at one time used by experienced hunters for taking thick-skinned African game up to and including elephant.

In 1905 the Steyr firm offered the Model 1905 Mannlicher-Schoenauer rifle in cal. 9x56 mm. M. S.

The Model 1908 Mannlicher-Schoe-nauer rifle in cal. 8x56 mm. M. S. (or 8.2x56 mm. M. S.) was introduced in 1908. The Model 1910 chambered for the 9.5x57 mm. M.S. cartridge was the final model offered prior to World War I.

Following World War I the Mannlicher-Schoenauer rifle and carbine were offered in several additional calibers, including .30-'06, 7x57 mm. Mauser, 7x64 mm. Brenneke, 8x60 mm. Mauser, 9.3x62 mm. Mauser, and 10.75x68 mm. Mauser. The Mannlicher-Schoenauer actions were also purchased by other European and English arms makers for use in building sporting rifles.

1 Mannlicher-Schoenauer magazines can be unloaded by opening the bolt (12) and then depressing the cartridge stop (21), or by removing the magazine assembly. To remove the magazine assembly, insert a cartridge point into the front hole in the floorplate (41). Depress the floorplate spring (40) and rotate the plate until it is free of the undercuts in the receiver, then lift out the assembly

4 To remove the bolt (12), pull it to the rear and depress the bolt stop (13). To disassemble the bolt, first rotate the cocking piece (10) until it snaps all the way forward and firing pin protrudes from the bolt face. Then depress safety catch (9) as shown and turn the firing pin nut (11) counterclockwise 90° until it unlocks. Ease off the firing pin nut and cocking piece with the safety catch

In 1929 the Steyr firm merged with Daimler-Puch, a large automobile manufacturer. The firm name then became Steyr-Daimler-Puch, A. G.

Production of these rifles was discontinued during World War II and was not resumed until 1950. In that year Steyr-Daimler-Puch, A. G., resumed limited production of sporting rifles. There were some design changes in the postwar rifle. An additional pivoted side safety was added and bolt handle was altered to provide clearance under low-mounted scope sights. Also, a flat surface was milled on left side of receiver to accept scope mount bases. A dummy side-plate was furnished to fill this cut when scope mount base was not attached. Calibers offered in 1950 included 6.5x54 mm. M. S.f .257 Roberts, .270 Winchester, and .30-'06.

In succeeding years other calibers have been offered including 6.5x68 mm., 8x68S, .243 Winchester, .308

Steyr Mannlicher 8x68s

2 The magazine assembly should be cleaned and lightly oiled from time to time. To remove the follower (28), use a thin punch to depress the rear magazine bearing (31) or front magazine bearing (33). When bearing is clear of its seat, lift out the follower. At this point the follower still contains the front and rear bearings and the magazine spring (32)

Steyr Mannlicher 8x68s

5 After the cocking piece assembly has been removed, the firing pin (5) and firing pin spring (6) can be removed. Remember the firing pin is under heavy spring pressure, therefore hold the bolt head tight when turning it as shown. Align the ejector (2) with the rib on the bolt and ease off the bolt head (3)

Winchester, .264 Winchester Magnum, .257 Weatherby Magnum, .338 Winchester Magnum, and .458 Winchester Magnum. The bolt handle on current models is bent back to place end of bolt handle as close as possible to the trigger. The stock has been extensively modernized from the original style.

Through the years both full- and half-stock models have been offered and the purchaser has had a choice of single trigger or double-set triggers. Some models have been available with takedown feature. It is important to note that the cartridge platform (magazine follower) in the Schoenauer rotary magazine is milled to accommodate a specific cartridge. Conversion of these rifles to another cartridge almost always requires substitution of the proper cartridge platform. In this respect the Schoenauer magazine system is not nearly as flexible as that of the Mauser staggered-column box magazine.

1903 Mannlicher Schoenauer Manual

3 To remove the magazine spring and magazine follower bearings, use the magazine box (29) as a wrench. Insert the tapered magazine bearing (33) into the notch and turn the follower as shown, and the bearing will unlock from the follower and can be pulled out with the magazine spring and rear bearing

Sako 270 Rifle Bolt Extractor

6 To replace the firing pin assembly, insert the pin (5) and spring (6) into the bolt. Put the bolt head (3) over the firing pin and push the bolt head into the bolt, lining up the ejector (2) with the rib on the bolt. Then turn the ejector 180° opposite the bolt rib. The cocking piece can be reassembled by reversing step 4 ■

Barrett Pin Assembly Rear1871 Mauser Rifles


Barrett Pin Assembly Rear

Parts Legend

15. Cutoff spring screw

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