RUGER Magnum Carbine


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Carabine Takedown

1 Disassembly of trigger mechanism parts from housing (73) is not recommended and should only be undertaken at factory or by a qualified gunsmith when repair or replacement of parts is needed

Ruger Handguns Parts Replacement Barrels

2 To reassemble slide and magazine assembly to barrel and receiver assembly. turn barrel and receiver assembly upside down and replace bolt in its forward (locked) position. Replace ejector (7) and ejector screw (8). Replace piston (9) in cylinder block with small end to rear. Replace magazine tube (29) in slide (26) and replace slide spring (28) in rear of slide. Seat slot in face of magazine plug (32) on lip at rear of piston block on underside of barrel as shown. Pull slide rearward (toward butt) slightly and insert a small nail in hole in magazine tube (29) as shown and move slide forward against nail

Ruger Mag Carbine Piston Plug Screw

3 Position slide handle (27) through hole at right side of receiver in its slot in slide as shown by arrow and pull slide spring forward (toward muzzle) over magazine tube until it clears end of tube

Magnum Rear Differential

4 Press slide assembly into receiver and seat rear end of magazine tube in slot at front underside of receiver (36) as shown by arrow. Remove nail from forward end of magazine tube, allowing slide to come to its full forward (locked) position. While holding down slide assembly replace trigger guard assembly (73) in bottom of receiver and replace receiver cross pin (18) through rear of receiver and trigger guard. Retract slide assembly and replace barrel and receiver assembly in stock. Replace barrel band (13) and tighten barrel band screw (14)

Disassembly Procedure

Pull back slide handle (27) until it latches and check action to be sure carbine is unloaded. Loosen barrel band screw (14) and slide barrel band (13) off stock and barrel to front. Pull barrel and receiver upward and disengage tenon at rear of receiver from recoil block (15) in stock. Recoil blcck may be removed from stock by first removing buttplate (34) and unscrewing recoil block bolt (17) through hole in butt.

Push out receiver cross pin (18) and pull trigger guard assembly to rear and out bottom of receiver. To remove slide (26) turn receiver upside down and pull slide back and upward slightJy while holding compressed slide spring (28) to prevent its forcible ejection. Release slide spring and draw it out rear of slide. Disengage slide handle (27) from its slot in slide and remove. Disengage slot in face of magazine plug (32) from lip at rear of piston block (integral with under side of barrel) and withdraw slide with magazine assembly from barrel and receiver assembly. Piston (9) will drop out rear of cylinder blcck. Magazine assembly may be disassembled by drifting out magazine plug cross pin (33) and removing plug (32), spring (31). and follower (30) from magazine tube (29).

Bolt (19) is removed from receiver by first removing ejector screw (8) and ejector (7). Then rotate bolt slightly from its forward locked position and draw it to rear to position where bolt lugs will clear cuts in receiver. Then lift the bolt out of bottom of receiver. ■

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