Savage Model Combination


The Stevens .22-.410 over-under combination rifle and shotgun was first offered in 1939 by the J. Stevens Arms Co., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Savage Arms Corp. This gun was chambered for the .22 long rifle cartridge and the 3" length of the .410 shotshell. Guns produced initially had walnut stocks and fore-ends, but stock assemblies of Tenite plastic were later made standard. During World War II the U. S. Air Force purchased 10,000 of these combination guns with Tenite stocks for issue to aircrewmen as survival weapons.

Commercial production was resumed in 1945. In 1950 a slightly improved type with walnut stock assembly and somewhat heavier barrel replaced the original model. It was designated Savage Model 24. When the .22 Winchester

Magnum Rimfire cartridge was introduced in 1959, the Model 24 was made available in this caliber also.

In 1962, the Model 24 was introduced in DL and MDL types, with fire selector button on left side of the frame rather than on the right as on the original model. The Model 24 DL is chambered for the .22 long rifle cartridge and is optionally available with shotgun barrel chambered for either the 20-ga. 3" shell or the .410 3" shell. The Model 24 MDL is chambered for the .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire cartridge and with the same choice of shot-shell chamberings as the DL.

Disassembly Procedure

To remove fore-end (U, Fig. 1) grasp it at the tip and pull away from barrel. Move top snap (16) to side and open

Stevens 410 Disassembly

breech by tipping barrel downward. Unhook barrel lug from hinge pin at forward end of frame. Remove barrels from frame.

To remove buttstock, unscrew both butt-plate screws and remove buttplate. Unscrew stock bolt (2) through hole in butt of stock. Slide buttstock off frame to rear.

Further disassembly of frame and lock parts is not recommended and should be unnecessary for normal cleaning purposes. Major parts are retained in frame by pivot pins. Firing pins are retained in frame by screws (10 & 11) which are staked at the factory which makes them rather difficult to remove.

Barrel & Fore-end Parts Legend

A. Barrel

B. Rear sight assembly

C. Front sight assembly

D. Extractor screw

E. Extractor, .22

F. Extractor spring, .22

G. Extractor, .410

H. Extractor stem, .410 J. Extractor lever spring K. Extractor pin

L. Extractor lever M. Extractor lever pin N. Fore-end spring housing O. Fore-end spring P. Fore-end spring pin Q. Fore-end spring spring R. Fore-end spring spring pin S. Fore-end spring housing screw, front T. Fore-end spring housing screw, rear U. Fore-end V. Fore-end iron head W. Fore-end iron head screws (2)

1 After removing fore-end (U) from underside of barrel (A) and separating barrel from frame, loosen extractor screw (D) and withdraw .22 extractor (E) and spring (F) from breech end of barrel. Drift out extractor pin (K) and remove .410 extractor (G) and stem (H) from breech end of barrel. Drift out extractor lever pin (M) and remove extractor lever (L) from lug under barrel. Remove extractor lever spring (J). Note: extractor lever spring (J) is inserted in barrel lug between front end of lug and arm on extractor lever (L). Fore-end parts are easily removed by removing screws S and T. Reassemble in reverse

Shotgun Remove Barrels

2 When reassembling barrel (A) to frame (1). hook cut-out at forward end of barrel lug onto hinge pin in forward end of frame as shown. Swing barrels upward, locking barrels to frame

Shotgun Locking Barrel Pin

3 When reassembling fore-end (U) to underside of barrei (A), place rear of fore-end iron head (V) in position shown against front edge of frame. Note position of fore-end spring (O) in relation to hook on underside of barrel. Press fore-end up against underside of barrel until it locks in place ■

1. Frame

2. Stock bolt

3. Stock bolt washer

4. Trigger guard

5. Rear trigger guard screw

6. Front trigger guard screw

7. Selector button

8. Sclcctor button plunger

9. Selector button plunger spring

10. Firing pin screw. .22

Parts Legend

11. Firing pin scrcw, .410

13. Firing pin spring, .22

14. Firing pin, .410

15. Selector

16. Top snap

17. Top snap sleeve

18. Top snap screw

18A. Top snap plunger

19. Top snap plunger spring

20. Locking bolt plunger

21. Locking bolt plunger spring

22. Locking bolt assembly

23. Locking bolt pin

24. Hammer

25. Hammer pin

26. Trigger

27. Trigger spring

28. Trigger pin

29. Mainspring plunger

30. Mainspring

31. Mainspring plunger seat

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