Seth Pomeroy

A soldier and a patriot of a £unmaking fatnily

Born—Northampton, Mass., May 20, 1706

SETH POMEROY WHS bom into a family famous for its gunmakcrs for over 200 years, from 1630 to 1850. Little is known of Pomcroy's youth except that lie grew up in Northampton and learned the black-smithing and gunsmithing trades from his father and grandfather there, married on Dec. 14, 1732, and became the father of 9 children.

In 1743 he became an ensign of the local militia, and his distinguished military career was begun. In 1744 he was promoted to captain, and in 1745, as a major in the 4th Massachusetts Regiment, participated in the siege of Louisbourg where he distinguished himself by unspiking the enemy cannon and turning them on the citadel. In 1755 Pomeroy was lieutenant colonel of the troops raised in western Massachusetts which bore the brunt of the fighting with the French and Indians at Lake George. When the colonel was killed, Pomcroy succeeded to command and captured the French commander.

During the years of pcacc following the French and Indian War, Pomeroy practiced his gunmaking trade in Northampton and played an important role in local government. As war with England became imminent, however, he entered actively into the movement for liberty. He attended the first and second provincial congresses and was one of > officers appointed to military command of the province. Despite his age and rank he fought as a volunteer private at the Battle of Bunker Hill, carrying 'a musket of his own manufacture. When that was broken he reputedly retreated slowly by walking backwards, saying that no Pomeroy would ever be shot in the back.

Five days after the battle he was appointed the first brigadier general in the Continental Army. Still active in the field in his 71st year, he was on his way south to join Washington in New Jersey when he was stricken with pleurisy and died at Peekskill.—Harold L. Peterson

Benelli Raffaello Crio Gun Parts

Parts Legend

1. Barrel

2. Front sight

3. Receiver

4. Rear sight

6. Stock lug

7. Forearm

8. Forearm insert

9. Forearm screw

10. Lever link

11. Breechblock, left

12. Breechblock, right

13. Firing pin

14. Hammer

15. Mainspring

16. Trigger spring

17. Trigger

19. Hammer screw

20. Rear block screw

21. Finger lever

22. Lever link screw

23. Extractor

24. Lever screw

25. Stock insert

26. Stock bolt

27. Buttplate

28. Buttplate screw (2)

Seth Pomeroy Gun

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