Simonov Mm Carbine


The Russians have used several models of semi-automatic rifles and carbines. They adopted the Simonov rifle in 1936 and the Tokarev rifle in 1938. The Tokarev was used extensively during World War II, but did not prove entirely satisfactory. Shortly after the war, the Simonov carbine was adopted.

The Simonov carbine (also called SKS, standing for Self-Loading Carbine Simonov) is one of 3 Russian weapons using the 7.62 mm. Ml943 short rimless cartridge. Gas-operated, it has a fixed 10-round box magazine and a permanently attached folding bayonet. When it is fired, gas is tapped through a port in top of barrel, and pushes a piston and piston extension rearward. The extension actuates the bolt carrier, which cams rear of bolt upward for unlocking.

This carbine is relatively easy to field strip and maintain, and it functions reliably. It is considered to be effective up to about 400 meters.

The SKS is an excellent weapon and widely used in the Communist nations, but is being replaced by the 7.62 mm. AK assault rifle that better meets tactical requirements of the Russians.

Russian Sks Assault Rifle

IThc SKS has a fixed box magazine (30). To load, open action by pulling back bolt carrier (18). Insert a loaded stripper clip into clip guides of bolt carrier, and push cartridges down into magazine as shown. The magazine can also be loaded with loose cartridges.

Parts Legend

1. Piston

2. Handguard and gas cylinder

3. Piston extension

4. Piston return spring

5. Front sight

6. Front sight seat

7. Handguard catch

8. Bayonet screw

9. Bayonet assembly

10. Hold open latch pin

11. Hold open latch spring

12. Hold open latch

13. Receiver and barrel assembly

14. Takedown latch

15. Trigger guard latch

16. Latch pin

17. Rear housing

18. Bolt carrier

19. Bolt

20. Firing pin retainer

21. Firing pin

22. Extractor spring

23. Extractor

24. Recoil spring

25. Spring retainer

26. Large spring guide

Sks Simonov Bolt Carrier

2 To field strip, clear the chamber and unload magazine. Depress follower (31) and ease bolt closed. Swing takedown latch (14) up and pull out. Ease rear housing (17) off. Pull out recoil spring assembly (24-27). Pull bolt carricr (18) and bolt (19) to rear and remove.

27. Small spring guide

28. Stock assembly

29. Trigger guard spring

30. Magazine

31. Magazine follower

32. Follower spring

33. Hinge pin

34. Magazine cover

35. Cover latch

36. Latch spring and sear spring

37. Sear

38. Latch stop pin

39. Trigger guard

40. Disconnector hinge pin

41. Trigger pin

42. Safety catch

43. Safety catch spring

44. Trigger

45. Safety catch pin

46. Trigger bar

47. Trigger bar pin

48. Trigger spring

49. Disconnector

50. Rebound disconnector

51. Hammer

52. Hammer strut pin

53. Hammer strut

54. Hammer spring

55. Cleaning rod

Carbine Cleaning Rods

3 For further disassembly, cock hammer and put carbinc on safe. Turn carbine upside-down and push in on trigger guard latch (15) with cartridge nose or punch. When latch is pushed in sufficiently, the trigger guard (39) should jump out slightly. Guard can then be pulled free.

Sks Simonov DisassemblyBrowning Dismount

4 Insert point of cartridge into hole of the handguard catch (7) and rotate catch up as shown in illustration. Lift up rear of handguard (2), and pull it free of barrel. Then push piston (1) out of gas cylinder. Pivot bayonet (9) to middle position, and remove cleaning rod (55).

Silencer For Sks Simonov Installer

5 To strip trigger guard, place in padded vise. Push down on disconnector (49) and pull trigger (44) to release hammer. [Use care; hammer is under heavy spring pressure.] Use metal bar as shown to force hammer out. Remaining parts can be disassembled by driving out pins. ■

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