Springfield Rifled Musket

Springfield 1452 Long Barrel


A total of 265,129 cal. .58 Model of 1861 Springfield rifled muskets were produced at Springfield Armory and this arm was also the pattern for civilian contractors furnishing muskets to the government. It is quite similar to the Model of 1863, and there is a high degree of parts interchangeability between these models. A total of 273,-265 Model of 1863 rifled muskets were produced at Springfield Armory.

Date not correct

Present-day collectors are often hard put to determine the exact model at hand as the date on the lockplate is not always correct when compared with other parts or features of the arm. This situation stems from the interchanging of parts after manufacture.

The Model of 1863 differs from the Model of 1861 in the following particulars:

(1) Does not have band springs.

(2) Cone seat reduced in length and cone-seat screw omitted.

(3) Ramrod swell omitted.

(4) Spring provided to hold ramrod in place.

(5) Open oval bands with screws rather than flat, solid bands.

(6) Muzzle crowned, not flat.

(7) Lock casehardened in colors, not polished bright.


(8) Bands, swivels, rear sight, and guard blued, not polished bright.

(9) Different hammer form.

In effect, differences between the Model 1861 and the Model 1863 are minor, and basic disassembly procedures are therefore similar.

Disassembly Procedure

To disassemble Model 1861 Springfield, first place hammer (24) at half cock and withdraw ramrod (7). Remove side screws (37) and separate entire lock assembly from stock (36). Disassemble lock by first applying a mainspring vise to mainspring (26) and then unseating spring from lock-plate (25). Remove sear screw (35) and

Springfiled Rifle Musket Parts

Parts Legend

1. Barrel

2. Rear sight

3. Rear sight base screw

4. Cone

5. Cone seat

6. Cone-seat screw

7. Ramrod

8. Upper band

10. Middle band

11. Lower band

12. Tip screw

13. Tip

15. Guard plate

16. Guard bow

17. Trigger pin

18. Trigger

19. Guard plate screws (2)

20. Swivel screw

21. Rod spring pin (Ml 863)

22. Rod spring (Ml863)

23. Hammer screw

24. Hammer

25. Lockplate

26. Mainspring

27. Mainspring swivel

28. Tumbler pin

29. Tumbler

30. Sear spring screw

31. Sear spring

32. Sear

33. Bridle

34. Bridle screw

35. Sear screw

36. Stock (partial)

38. Breech screw

39. Tang screw

40. Buttplate screw (2)

41. Buttplate

42. Front swivel

43. Side screw washer (2)

sear (32) will drop away. Remove bridle screw (34) and bridle will drop away. Next, remove hammer screw (23) and hammer (24). Remove sear spring screw (30) and sear spring (31). Tap tumbler (29) out from exterior of lockplatc [see Panel 2]. Continue by removing tang screw (39). Depress band spring (9) for each of the upper, middle, and lower bands (8), (10). and (11) and remove hands. Separate barrel (1) from stock.

1 Diagram shows interior assembly of lock and relative position of parts, and may also be used as a guide for most of the Springfield percussion arms as well as contract muskets of the period

Percussion Springfield 1861 Musket

2 Removal of the tumbler (29) may be facilitated by placing the lockplate (25), face up. on 2 blocks of wood and centering a hardwood dowel over tumbler flange. Tap dowel lightly with hammer

Breech Lock Diagram

3 Removal of breech screw (38) is accomplished as follows: Place parallel sides of breech screw in felt-padded vise jaws and attempt to unscrew barrel by hand. If this part is rusted in place, apply a good grade of penetrating oil for several days and try again. A good grip on the barrel may be had with use of rubber gloves. Never use a pipe wrench or similar device on barrel as this will mar it ■

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