By E. J. Hoffschmidt

ITo remove bolt assembly cock rifle and then turn safety lock (20) until thumb-piece is vertical. Rotate cut-off (41) to center notch position and pull bolt assembly to rear and out of receiver

Lock Firing MechanismSpringfield Firing Pin RodThumpiece AsssemblyPin Rotate Mechanism

2 To remove firing pin mechanism from bolt depress bolt sleeve lock (22) with thumbnail and unscrew bolt sleeve (19) with firing pin mechanism from bolt (13)

3 To disassemble firing pin mechanism rotate safety lock (20) to "Ready" position. Then place cocking knob of firing pin rod (24) against bench top and pull striker sleeve (17), to rear until striker (16) can be pulled away from end of firing pin rod

4 To remove extractor (15) from bolt (13), turn it to right, forcing its tongue out of its groove in front of bolt. Then force extractor forward and off bolt

Extractor Removal Bolt AssemblyVertical Deadbolt Lock

5 To remove safety lock assembly (20) from bolt sleeve (19) ¬Ľurn safety lock to dismounting bevel position on bolt sleeve halfway between the "Ready" and vertical position. Then tap front face of thumbpiece with plastic hammer or block of wood to disengage it from bolt sleeve

6 To remove rear sight assembly loosen windage index knob screw (32) far enough to free windage index knob (33) from windage yoke screw (36). Turn out windage yoke screw from base and lift windage yoke (28) and attached parts from sight base. Turn out rear sight base screw (31) and drive base from receiver with drift and hammer

7 To assemble safety lock assembly (20) and bolt sleeve (19) insert safety lock spindle in bolt sleeve hole. Then, with thumbpiece vertical introduce blade of small screwdriver between safety lock spindle and safety lock plunger forcing it into the thumbpiece until it slips over the edge of the sleeve. Further pressure on safety lock thumbpiece coupled with withdrawal of screwdriver completes the assembling

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