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The Remington Model 521T smallbore target rifle, chambered for the cal. .22 long rifle cartridge, was first offered by Remington Arms Co., in 1947. Designed for young target shooters, this moderately-priced rifle filled the gap below the more expensive and heavier Remington Model 513T and Model 40X target rifles.

By Thomas E. Wessel

Thomas E. Wessel of Whippany, N. J., is a technical illustrator long interested in firearms.

Remington 513t Long RifleRemington 513t Sling SwivelsTurnbolt RifleRemington 513t Sling SwivelsRemington 521t

The turnbolt action features dual locking lugs and extractors and is of cock-on-opening type. A safety indicator pin protrudes from the end of the bolt when the action is cocked. The detachable box magazine holds 6 rounds.

The American walnut stock is of high-comb target type with the full close pistol grip and beavertail fore-end preferred by target shooters. Sling swivels are standard and the front swivel is adjustable to 7 positions to accommodate differences in arm length. A 1" military type leather sling is furnished with each rifle.

Sighting equipment is a Patridge square front blade and Lyman 57RS aperture rear with Va-minute click adjustments for windage and eievation.

Over-all length of the Model 52IT is 43"; barrel length. 25"; weight, approximately 7 lbs.

Takedown of Model 52IT is accomplished by ® removing box magazine (16) and loosening takedown screw (5) just forward of magazine opening in magazine guide plate (6).

Stock can now be removed from action

Parts List

1. Barrel

2. Front sight

3. Stock

4. Takedown screw escutcheon

5. Tokedown screw

6. Magazine guide plate

7. Magazine guide plate screw

8. Magazine lock

9. Magazine lock screw

10. Trigger guard

11. Trigger guard screw (2)

12. Front swivel base

13. Front swivel base screw (2)

14. Front swivel

15. Front swivel screw

16. Magazine assembly

17. Sling strap assembly

18. Rear swivel

19. Buttplate screw (2)

20. Buttplate

21. Bolt sleeve

22. Mainspring

23. Safety indicator

24. Mainspring plunger

25. Firing pin cam pin

26. Firing pin

27. Bolt handle

28. Bolt

29. Bolt sleeve pin

30. Extractor, left

31. Extractor, right

32. Extractor pin (2)

33. Extractor spring

34. Sear pivot screw

35. Sear

36. Trigger

37. Sear stud

38. Trigger spring

39. Trigger spring plunger

40. Ejector screw

41. Ejector

42. Receiver insert, rear

43. Trigger pin

44. Safety

45. Safety lever

46. Safety screw

47. Receiver

49. Receiver insert, front

50. Barrel filler block

51. Rear micrometer sight, Lyman 57RS

O Position of front swivel (14) can be ** changed to any one of 7 holes in front swivel base (12) by unscrewing front swivel screw (15) and repositioning it where desired

A To remove bolt (28), press release button on micrometer sight (51) and raise or remove it. Open action, push safety lever (45) to 'Fire' position, hold trigger full rearward, and pull bolt from receiver. This is sufficient disassembly for cleaning -■■


TRIDGE IN CHAMBER PRIOR TO THIS OPERATION. Tension on mainspring (22) may be relieved when the rifle is not in use by rotating bolt handle (27) upward, then pushing safety lever (45) forward to 'Fire' position while holding trigger (36) back and simultaneously rotating bolt handle downward

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