The Swedish Mauser


Swedish Mauser

The Swedish 6.5 mm. Mauser rifle was one of the many developments of Paul Mauser, the German arms designer. It is made for the 6.5x55 mm. cartridge, and was produced in several models, the 1894 carbine and 1896 infantry rifle being most common. This rifle was produced in Sweden by the Carl Gustafs Government Rifle Factory and the Husqvarna Arms Co., Inc. Many of the earlier specimens were produced in Germany by the Mauser Arms Co.

This rifle is a slight improvement over the Model 1893 Spanish rifle, which was the first Mauser to have a staggered-column box-magazine flush with the stock. Improvements include a guide rib on the bolt, deep rounded cut in left receiver wall to facilitate magazine loading, and an upward projection on the cocking piece which permits the firing pin to be eased forward with the thumb. Although it has no safety lug and its cock-on-closing feature is unpopular with many U. S. shooters, this rifle is simple, reliable, highly accurate, and famous for its fine-quality workmanship and finish.

In addition to its long use by Sweden,

Finland employed this rifle extensively in the 1939-40 Russo-Finnish War, and a quantity was purchased and used by Denmark following World War II. Many specimens have been imported into the U. S. during the last few years and sold by arms dealers. When it has been suitably sporterized, this rifle makes a handy weapon for hunting deer and similar big game.

Besides the Model 1894 carbine and 1896 infantry rifle, there is the Model 1938 short rifle and 1941 sniper's rifle. All models are mechanically alike and adapted to the 6.5x55 cartridge.

Parts Legend

1. Bolt with extractor collar

2. Extractor

3. Firing pin

4. Firing pin spring

5. Boll sleeve

6. Cocking piece

7. Safety

8. Handguard

9. Stock

10. Handguard band

11. Cleaning rod

12. Lower band

13. Upper band

14. Barrel and receiver

15. Bolt stop

16. Ejector

17. Boll stop screw

18. Bolt stop and ejector spring

19. Follower

20. Magazine spring

21. Trigger guard

22. Front guard screw

23. Floorplate

24. Floorplaie catch

25. Catch spring

26. Rear guard screw

27. Trigger

28. Sear

29. Trigger pin

30. Sear pin

31. Sear spring

32. Assembled bolt

Disassemble And Assemble Mauser Ruger

After checking to make sure that ■ chamber and magazine are unloaded, cock rifle by rotating bolt to open position, pulling back several inches, and then closing it. Turn safety (7) to vertical middle position, pull outward on bolt stop (15) with thumb, and remove bolt from receiver. In replacing bolt, it is unnecessary to pull out bolt stop, which will be automatically forced aside as bolt is pushed into receiver. Follower (19) must be pushed down to allow bolt to go forward

4 Rotate extractor (2) until its tongue runs out of the extractor groove on bolt head. Push extractor forward with thumb to free it from extractor collar on bolt. Do not remove extractor collar. To replace extractor, engage undercuts on its lower suface with lugs of extractor collar. Push extractor to rear, lift its tongue over front edge of bolt, and rotate extractor until tongue is in extractor groove on bolt

X55mm Swedish MauserSwedish Mauser Bolt Safety Fix

With safety in middle position, grasp bolt sleeve (5) and unscrew firing mechanism from bolt

3 Rest firing pin point against a wooden block. Grasp bolt sleeve and safety (7) tightly, and push down on safety with thumb until cocking piece (6) is clear of bolt sleeve. Rotate cocking piece a quarter turn in either direction, and lift it off firing pin (3). Slowly allow firing pin spring (4) to expand and remove bolt sleeve and firing pin spring from firing pin. Turn safety all the way to the right, and remove it from bolt sleeve

6 To remove stock and handguard, it is necessary to remove the lower band (12) and upper band (13). Use a screwdriver to depress band-retaining springs, and push bands forward. Cleaning rod (11) must be unscrewed and removed before attempting to depress upper band spring. Raise rear sight leaf to vertical position, and lift off handguard (8). Unscrew front and rear guard screws (22 and 26), and separate barrel and receiver (14) and trigger guard (21) from stock ■

5 To disassemble magazine, use a cartridge nose to depress floorplate catch (24), and at the same time push floor-plate (23) rearward until disengaged from undercuts in trigger guard. Lift floorplate with attached magazine spring and follower out of trigger guard, and slide magazine spring out of undercuts on floorplate and follower. In reassembly, first engage narrow end of magazine spring in undercuts of follower

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