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Loose finger levers

In endeavor to correct the loose finger lever of a Ballard rifle, I inletted in the bottom tang a small Alnico magnet of the type available commercially. This worked so well in holding up the lever without shake that now I have such magnets installed in all the single-shot rifles in my collection.—Manning Distelman

Rust remover

One of ¡he best, cheapest, and least harmful rust removers is turpentine. Rust saturated with it can be readily removed if the rlisting has not gone too far. It will not damage a blued finish. An old iron barrel can often be rubbed down to an antique brown color with turpentine, and then linseed oil applied, making an old gun presentable.—Otto A. Wagner

Gunstock shaping

When shaping the outside of a new gun stock, I find it very useful to work a few feet below a light bulb. The shadow lines produced will indicate deviations from lines desired. On a straight-line surface such as a forearm, an auto body file worked straight with the grain leaves a shine on the high spots so they can be marked and removed.—Fredrick Hop

Drilling for stock through-bolt

Holes for shotgun stock through-bolts can be drilled much more accurately when a center pin is used in the drill-press table. Hole in table must line up with spindle;• it can be trued, if necessary, with a boring bar in the drill chuck. Make center pin to fit table hole, and turn upper end of pin to 60° conical point. The pin need not be hardened. Drill halfway through stock from each end.—Verner A. Sarns

Expedient for polishing

Needing a small mandrel to polish the inside of a trigger guard, I took a cotton swab (used for shotgun cleaning), soaked it with glue, and rolled it in very fine emery grit. An inaccessible contour can be easily reached.—Robert Peak

Extracting pistol magazine

When I placed target stocks on my Hi-Standard Supermatic, it was difficult to extract the magazine, with the slide open, as the magazine was then deeply buried. This was corrected -by attaching a knurled electric-ceiling-fixture retaining nut to the magazine floor plate for easy grasping. This should work on other autoloading pistols as well.—Donald Downes

Stock carving tools

I made some very satisfactory stock carving tools by brazing artist's linoleum block carving blades (cost about 35£ each) to pieces of Vs" welding rod 6" long, and putting on a purchased handle. Stick each blade about into a potato during the brazing to safeguard the temper.—T. A. Lewis

Gun Linoleum BlockHigh Standard 22lr Bolt

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