Disassembly Procedure

To take down barrel and receiver group from tang and stock group, unscrew takedown screw (26) as shown in Fig. 1. Pull receiver (1) from tang (25) in a straight line. Remove both forearm tip screws (15) and forearm tip (14) containing operating sleeve (9) and spring (12) toward muzzle. Hold operating sleeve spring to avoid its forcible ejection during this operation. Operating sleeve tip (11) can be removed by drifting out pin (10). Forearm tip tenon (5) can be driven out of its dovetail in underside of barrel from left to right. Slide forearm forward off receiver.

To remove bolt guide rod (13) and bolt spring (24), hold receiver assembly in-

3 Insert operating sleeve spring in open end of operating sleeve. Compress spring with a suitable rod or wood dowel until end of such rod can be seen through hole in operating sleeve. Insert a small pin or punch through hole in operating sleeve to hold spring compressed and remove dowel. Push operating sleeve assembly back inside forearm as shown (note that forearm tip is shown cut away here) until pin holding operating sleeve spring compressed is against front end of forearm and rim of forearm tip is against pin. Remove pin while pressing on operating sleeve and forearm tip. Spring should snap back against end of bolt guide rod and allow operating sleeve to slide back into forearm and over bolt guide rod. Replace forearm tip screws. Operating sleeve must slide back and forth freely without binding when cocking hammer. Sleeve should lock easily when it is turned so that the rib contacts inside of forearm tip at points other than groove for rib on operating sleeve.

4 Using a suitable spanner as shown, remove buttstock nut and washer. Slide buttstock to rear and off tang and outer magazine tube. In replacing nut, turn it in direction indicated.

verted and, with a long screwdriver. loosen bolt spring guide rod in receiver. Remove bolt spring guide rod while holding spring to prevent its forcible ejection. Reassembly is shown in Fig. 2. Lift rear end of bolt (16) free of receiver and draw bolt out of receiver to rear.

To remove ejector (7) from receiver, unscrew ejector screw (8) through port at right side of receiver. Slide ejector back out of its dovetail and remove from receiver. Reassemble in reverse order.

F.xtractor (20) can be removed from bolt (16) by unscrewing extractor plunger stop screw (23) from right side of bolt. With a sharp tool inserted between extractor plunger (21) and extractor, compress plunger and roll extractor out of bolt toward front. Remove plunger with spring (22) from front of bolt. Firing pin (17) and spring (18) are removed from rear of bolt after drifting out firing pin stop pin (19). Reassemble bolt in reverse order.

To take down tang and buttstock group, remove inner magazine tube by turning magazine plug (55) to left to free locking pin (52) in inner tube from cam lock cut in end of outer magazine tube (50). Pull inner magazine tube from stock to rear. Remove buttplate screws (47) and butt-plate (46). Remove nut (48) and stock as shown in Fig. 4. Remove trigger lock plunger (32) and spring (33) from rear end of tang (25) after withdrawing stock. Hammer and spring assembly is removed from tang as detailed in Figs. 5 and 6.

Drift out trigger pin (43) and remove trigger (42) and sear (44) from tang, taking care not to lose sear spring (45). Trigger lock (34) may be pushed out of tang from left to right. Trigger spring (31) can be pushed out of tang to rear. Reassembly of the trigger spring in the tang is shown in Fig. 7.

Cartridge cutoff (56) can be removed from throat of outer magazine tube (50) by drifting out pin (57), taking care not to allow escape of spring (58). Removal of takedown screw (26) is accomplished by drifting out pin (30). After removing take1 down screw to rear of tang, remove plunger (28) and spring (29) from hole at rear of tang inside takedown screw hole. Removal of outer magazine tube and throat from tang is not recommended. Reassemble tang and stock group in reverse order.

6 To remove hammer spring abutment, drift out pin (41) and place tang in vise, right side up. Use a suitable drift or punch at right of abutment in groove in tang. Tap abutment around out of groove as shown. Drift out the hammer pin and then remove the hammer and spring assembly from the tang.

8 Outer magazine is made with fine saw cuts through flattened portion of tube at rear. Grip of outer magazine tube on inner tube is regulated by depressing area between these saw cuts slightly with a punch as shown. ■

7 Replace trigger spring through guard into trigger hole in underside of tang in the position that is shown at "A". Press spring firmly into hole in rear of tang with the blade of a screwdriver inserted through guard into tang.

5 Before removing hammer spring abutment and hammer assembly from tang, pull hammer rearward, compressing hammer spring. Insert a small slave pin as shown through hammer spring guide rod where it protrudes through abutment. Release hammer.

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