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Savage Cal 29aSavage Cal


The Savage Model 29A hammerless slide-action cal. .22 rimfire rifle was introduced in 1933. Receiver of this takedown rifle was grooved subsequently for use with tip-off scope mounts and the designation was then changed to Model 29B. The catalog designation 29G was at one time used to indicate the grooved receiver version which was actually stamped 29B. The tubular magazines' of the Models 29A and 29B rifles will hold 14 long rifle, 16 long, or 20 short cal. .22 rimfire cartridges. Bead front sight and open elevator rear sight are standard. Buttstock and slide handle are of walnut. Total weight of the rifle is 53A lbs.; over-all length is 41".

The original Savage Model 29 slide-action rifle (initially designated Model 1929) was introduced in 1929 and discontinued in 1933. The Savage firm cannot supply parts for this obsolete model nor do they offer repair service for it.

The Model 29A rifle which replaced it represented a complete redesign of the original Model 29 rifle.

Trigger Guard Assembly Parts Legend

A. Trigger guard

B. Mainspring

C. Mainspring retainer washer

D. Mainspring plunger

E. Mainspring plunger pin

F. Hammer

G. Hammer bushing

H. Operating lock J. Lifter

K. Lifter screw

L. Lifter spring M. Operating lock spring

N. Operating lock spring screw

0. Trigger

P. Trigger pin

Q. Safety spring

R. Safety plunger

S. Safety

Breechbolt Assembly Parts Legend

A. Breechbolt

B. Extractor, left

C. Extractor, right

D. Extractor springs (2)

E. Extractor pins (2)

F. Cartridge guide

G. Cartridge guide pin

H. Cartridge guide spring J. Operating plunger

K. Operating plunger pin L. Operating plunger spring M. Firing pin retaining pin N. Firing pin 0. Firing pin spring

Parts Legend

1. Receiver

2. Takedown screw

3. Takedown screw bushing

4. Cartridge stop

5. Cartridge stop pin

6. Barrel pin

7. Barrel

8. Rear sight assembly

9. Front sight

10. Operating handle bar assembly

11. Operating handle (wood)

12. Operating handle escutcheons (2)

13. Operating handle screws (2)

14. Breechbolt assembly (see Fig. 2)

15. Trigger guard assembly (see Fig. 1)

16. Outside magazine tube

17. Front magazine mount

18. Magazine tube retaining screw bushing

19. Magazine tube retaining screw

20. Inside magazine tube

21. Magazine plug pin

22. Magazine follower

23. Magazine follower spring

24. Magazine plug

25. Stock bolt

26. Stock bolt washer

27. Stock (not shown)

28. Buttplate (not shown)

29. Buttplate screws (2) (not shown)

2 Drift extractor pins (E) up with punch through access holes in breechbolt (A) until ends of pins can be grasped with pliers and withdrawn. Remove left and right extractors (B & C) and extractor springs (D).

Using same procedure remove cartridge guide pin (G), cartridge guide (F), and cartridge guide spring (H) from left side of breechbolt. Operating plunger (J) and operating plunger spring (L) are removed after drifting out operating plunger pin (K). Drift out firing pin retaining pin (M) and remove firing pin (N) and spring (O) out rear. Reassemble in reverse.


ITo disassemble trigger guard assembly, press in hammer bushing (G) until operating lock (H) can be lifted out. Remove operating lock spring screw (N) and operating lock spring (M). Place hammer (F) in fired position and push out hammer bushing (G) from right to left. Hold trigger to rear and lift out hammer, mainspring (B), and plunger (D).

Drop safety (S) out. Remove lifter screw (K), lifter (J), and lifter spring (L). Drift out trigger pin (P) from right to left and remove trigger (O). Remove safety spring (Q) and safety plunger (R) from trigger. Reassemble in reverse.

Trigger JpgDisassemble The Sig556 Stock Pin

3 To disassemble rifle, unscrew takedown screw (2) as far as possible and draw stock and trigger guard assembly (15 & 27) away from receiver (1). In reassembling, be sure lip at front end of trigger guard, shown at "A", enters its slot in front end of receiver as shown by arrow.

Disassembly Procedure

Check action to be sure rifle is unloaded and magazine is empty. Close action and unscrew takedown screw (2) at left of receiver (1) until screw threads are clear of trigger guard (15). Pull receiver and barrel assembly forward, separating trigger guard and stock assembly from receiver.

To remove buttstock (not shown in drawings), remove buttplate screws and buttplate and unscrew stock bolt (25) through hole at rear of stock. Remove stock bolt (25) and stock boll washer (26) and separate trigger guard assembly (15) from stock.

To remove breechbolt assembly (14), hold receiver inverted and make sure takedown screw is clear of inside of receiver.

4 To remove breechbolt assembly (14) from receiver (1), draw operating handle (11) back with receiver inverted until breechbolt rises slightly. Grasp breechbolt and rotate upward in direction shown until pin on operating handle bar assembly (10) can be disengaged from slot.

Pull operating handle (11) and operating handle bar assembly (10) to rearward position. Lift forward end of breechbolt upward and pull back out of receiver.

Remove inside magazine tube (20) and remove magazine tube retaining screw (19) through loading port in outside magazine tube (16). Press magazine tube away from barrel (7) slightly with fingers and remove magazine tube retaining screw bushing (18). Tap front magazine mount (17) out of dovetail in barrel from left to right and withdraw outside magazine tube (16). Push operating handle (11) to forward position and pull operating handle bar (10) out of receiver to side. Take care not to lose cartridge stop (4) and pin (5) which are now free to drop out of receiver. Reassemble in reverse. ■

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