Single Shot Pistol

. Disassembly Procedure

Pull back magazine latch (10) and remove magazine (13) from butt. Draw slide (17) back and check chamber to be sure pistol is unloaded. Replace empty magazine and pull trigger to uncock action. Remove magazine.

Draw slide to rear until forward nose of safety (8) can be pressed up into front notch of slide, holding slide to rear. Turn barrel (21) J/6-turn clockwise, push down on safety, and release slide from receiver to front.

Remove recoil spring assembly (25) from receiver. Turn barrel 16-turn counterclockwise and withdraw it from front end of slide (17). Firing pin (22), firing pin spring (23), and cocking indicator assembly (24) may be removed from rear of slide. Extractor (18) and extractor spring (20) may be removed by drifting out extractor pin (19). Reassemble in reverse.

ITo separate slide (17) from receiver (1), pull slide back until forward nose of safety (8) can be pressed up into front notch of slide (17) as shown at "A", holding slide to rear. Turn barrel (21) 16-turn clockwise to unlock it from receiver. Push down on safety and draw slide forward off receiver

2 In reassembling pistol, replace barrel so that its ribs enter corresponding grooves in slide. Replace recoil spring assembly (25) in receiver and firing pin (22). spring (23), and cocking indicator assembly (24) in rear of slide. Replace slide on receiver so its lugs engage grooves in receiver. Be sure that rear of cocking indicator assembly (24) is seated against spur projecting upward from rear of receiver as shown at "B". Push slide rearward until forward nose of safety can be pressed up into front notch of slide. Turn barrel VS-turn counterclockwise, locking it in receiver. Disengage safety, release slide, and replace magazine, completing reassembly H

Simple 22lr Single Shot Pistol

Liberator pistol—Single-shot pistol made in this country during World War II for use by the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) in arming underground resistance forces in enemy-occupied countries. It is chambered for the cal. .45 ACP cartridge, and was very cheaply made from sheet-metal stampings. One million were produced by Guide Lamp Div., General Motors Corp.

Illustrated Definitions

Simple and practical explanations of firearms and shooting terms, given as aids to identification and understanding. The definitions are not, and are not intended to be, technically or legalistically complete

Six-o'clock hold—Sighting picture commonly used in target shooting. Top of front sight is aligned with bottom or 6-o'clock position of the black bullseye. For most shooters this affords more accurate sighting than attempting to align top of front sight with center of bullseye.

Pistola Jft

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