How To Bolt Disassembly

1 Lift thumbpiece of safety (2) to J- put rifle on safe. Depressing the thumbpiece disengages safety, and the word "FIRE" on left of safety is exposed. Remove magazine (44) by pressing knurled knob on its base forward and down. To remove bolt (1), disengage safety and pull bolt fully to the rear; then, pull trigger (42) and remove bolt.

Mini Bolt Disassemble

2 Disassemble bolt by drifting out bolt pin (14). Cocking piece (11), bolt sleeve retaining collar (4), and bolt sleeve (13) slide off to rear. Strip cocking piece by drifting out cocking piece pin (10). Hold cocking piece head (3) tightly while withdrawing the punch, as head is under spring tension. Ease off cocking piece head, mainspring bushing (5), and mainspring (9). Notch (arrow) in mainspring bushing must align with slots (arrow) in cocking piece when these parts are reassembled.

Extractor Bolt Action Disassembly

3 Drift out extractor pin (17) to release extractor (19) and extractor spring (16). Drift out firing pin stop pin (18), and lift firing pin (20) out of bolt head. Small notch (arrow) at rear of firing pin must face toward bottom of bolt on replacement.

Drift Firing Pin T217

A A In reassembling the bolt, align the ^ ยป slots on the underside of bolt head and bolt sleeve. Replace bolt sleeve retaining collar so that the tip (arrow) of its integral spring seats in the small notch (arrow) on rear face of bolt sleeve. Before inserting cocking piece, align sear notch (arrow) with slots in bolt head and sleeve. A tapered punch is useful in lining up holes for replacement of bolt pin.

Replacing 1917 Firing Pin From Bolt

5 Remove front barrel band screw (22), loosen middle barrel band screw (26), and slide the bands (23, 27) forward off the barrel. Remove front and rear takedown screws (43, 45) and lift barrel out of stock. Drift out trigger pin (41) to remove trigger (42), trigger spring box (38), and trigger spring (39). Turn safety counterclockwise until its thumbpiece aligns with top of bolt handle cut in barrel extension. Slide safety off to rear.

Cutaway shows relationship between the assembled parts. Rifle is loaded and cocked, safety disengaged. Parts are number keyed to the parts legend.

Mk19 Grenade Launcher Field StrippedCut Rifling

Ejector pin (6) is loosely fitted in a blind hole in barrel extension. Remove by turning L-shaped head of pin outward with a jeweler's screwdriver. Exposed head of pin provides a purchase for the thumbnail. It is pried out, releasing ejector (7) and ejector spring (8).

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