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306,577 was granted to John M. and Matthew S. Browning for a lever-action repeating rifle designed to handle the larger, more powerful blackpowder center-fire cartridges. The patent was assigned to Winchester Repeating Arms Co., whose gun designers subsequently effected several improvements. The Model 1886 Winchester rifle was first announced in October 1886, but initial deliveries had been made in August of that year. First chamberings were for the .45-90 WCF, .40-82 WCF, and .45-70 Government cartridges.

The Model 1886 was noteworthy for being the first repeating rifle to feature a sliding vertical lock. The action was fast and smooth, which contributed greatly to its subsequent popularity throughout the world.

Model 1886 rifles were serially num bered from 1 up. Production was discontinued in 1935. This model was offered in a host of calibers and in both takedown and solid-frame styles. On special order the Model 1886 was available with single-set trigger, subsequently changed to double-set pattern in May 1895. It was first listed with color-case-hardened receiver which was changed to blued finish in August 1901.

The Winchester Model 71 lever-action rifle introduced in 1936 was essentially a modernized version of the Model 1886. Production of the Model 71 was discontinued in November 1958.

Disassembly Procedure

Lower finger lever (52) and check chamber and magazine to insure that the rifle is not loaded.

To disassemble action, remove upper (31) and lower (44) tang screws. Remove buttstock by rapping it sharply with the hand to loosen and then draw to rear off receiver tangs. Remove spring cover screw (17) to free spring cover assembly from receiver. Remove mainspring tension screw (43) and, with hammer (27) forward, drift out mainspring (51) from left to right with punch or screwdriver as shown in Fig. 1. Note: If lower edge of mainspring rests in tang mortise it cannot be drifted out until elevated to clear mortise. Elevate spring by driving wooden wedge between lower tang and front end of mainspring. (In reassembly take care that head of sear and trigger spring screw (41) rests level with top edge of tang so that lower edge of mainspring will lie even with or slightly above top surface of lower tang.)

Remove receiver screw (30) and lift hammer out top of receiver. Lower tang (42) with trigger (45) and parts (46), (47), (48), (49), (50) can be pulled from receiver to rear. Remove carrier stop screw (26) and carrier stop (25) from underside

Winchester Rifle Model Bolt Parts

of upper tang. Drift out finger lever bushing pin (58) from left to right (this is a split pin and not a screw), and remove finger lever bushing (61). Remove left-(60) and right-hand (57) locking bolts. Lower finger lever, and back breechblock (32) out of receiver to expose lever and breechblock pin (35) which is drifted out with punch as shown in Fig. 2. Remove breechblock assembly to rear. Drop finger lever and carrier (59) with carrier hook (56) out bottom of receiver. Note in Fig. 3 how these parts are interlocked. Remove cartridge guide screw (22) from right side of receiver and cartridge guide (20) from inside receiver. Remove cartridge stop screw (23) from left side of receiver and cartridge stop (21) from inside receiver.

Reassemble in reverse order. Install breechblock, finger lever, carrier, and locking bolts before attempting to replace cartridge guide. Cartridge guide can be replaced through spring cover hole in right side of receiver, with rear end of cartridge guide in place in right-hand locking bolt.

Win Model 1895 Bolt Diagram

2 To remove breechblock (32), lower finger lever and back breechblock out of receiver until lever and breechblock pin (35) is exposed. Drift out pin as shown and remove breechblock to rear.

BreechblockWinchester Mod 1886

ITo remove mainspring (51) from lower tang (42), drive out from left to right with large screwdriver blade.

3 Interlock finger lever (52). carrier (59). and carrier hook (56) as shown before reassembly into receiver.

1. Receiver

2. Barrel

3. Rear sight assembly

4. Fore-end tip tenon

5. Magazine ring

6. Magazine ring pin

7. Fore-end tip

9. Front sight

10. Magazine tube

11. Magazine plug

12. Magazine plug screw

13. Magazine spring

14. Magazine follower

15. Spring cover base

16. Spring cover spring

17. Spring cover screw

18. Spring cover leaf pin

19. Spring cover leaf

20. Cartridge guide

21. Cartridge stop

22. Cartridge guide screw

23. Cartridge stop screw

24. Plug screw

25. Carrier stop

Parts Legend

26. Carrier stop screw

27. Hammer

28. Stirrup

29. Stirrup pin

30. Receiver screw

31. Upper tang screw

32. Breechblock

33. Extractor

34. Extractor pin

35. Lever & breechblock pin

36. Firing pin

37. Ejector collar

38. Ejector spring

39. Ejector

40. Sear & trigger spring

41. Sear & trigger spring screw

42. Lower tang

43. Mainspring tension screw

44. Lower tang screw

45. Trigger

46. Set trigger kickoff

47. Sear catch

48. Sear catch pin

49. Sear

50. Trigger, sear, & kickoff pin

51. Mainspring

52. Finger lever

53. Friction stud pin

54. Friction stud

55. Friction stud spring

56. Carrier hook

57. Locking bolt, right

58. Finger lever bushing pin

59. Carrier

60. Locking bolt, left

61. Finger lever bushing

62. Not assigned

63. Buttplate

64. Upper buttplate screw

65. Buttplate slide spring screw

66. Lower buttplate screw

67. Buttplateslide

68. Buttplate slide spring

Note: Wood buttstock and fore-end are omitted from the drawing ■

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