Winchester Model Rifle


The Winchester Model 61 cal. .22 slide-action rifle was introduced in 1932. Of hammerless, tubular magazine construction, it was offered initially in both round and octagonal barrel styles. The basic model with 24" round barrel was chambered for the .22 short, long, and long rifle cartridges. The 24" octagonal barrel was chambered for the .22 short, .22 long rifle, and .22 WRF cartridges.

In 1939 the Model 61 was offered with smoothbore barrel chambered for the .22 long rifle shot cartridge. The Model 61 with octagonal barrel was discontinued after World War II and the .22 WRF chambering was then offered in 24" round barrel style. The

.22 short chambering was discontinued.

In 1960 the Model 61 was chambered for the .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire cartridge. This involved redesigning and strengthening components.

In 1963 the basic Model 61 in cal. .22 short, long, and long rifle was discontinued on introduction of the Winchester Model 270 slide-action rifle.

Winchester Model 270

Parts Legend

1. Receiver

2. Barrel

3. Rear sight and elevator

4. Front sight

5. Action slide sleeve

6. Action slide bar (shown assembled to sleeve)

7. Action slide handle screws (2)

8. Cartridge cutoff assembly (comprised of cartridge cutoff retainer and pin)

9. Rear magazine ring

10. Rear magazine ring pin

11. Front magazine ring

12. Breechbolt retaining spring

13. Breechbolt assembly (see Fig. 1.)

15. Buttstock bolt

16. Buttstock bolt washer

17. Magazine tube, outside

18. Magazine tube, inside

19. Magazine follower

20. Magazine spring

21. Magazine plug

22. Magazine plug pin


Buttstock with butt-plate and screws and action handle with escutcheons for action slide handle screws are not shown.

Disassembly Procedure

Check action to be sure rifle is unloaded. Loosen takedown screw at left rear of receiver and pull takedown screw (2A, Fig. 2.) out as far as it will go. Pull buttstock and guard (14) to rear away from receiver (1).

To remove breechbolt assembly (13) from receiver, hold receiver inverted and slide breechbolt to rear. With a small screwdriver or other suitable tool, pry breechbolt forward and upward gently so cam lug on breechbolt comes out of inclined cam cut in side of action slide bar (6). Slide breechbolt backward out of receiver.

Turn inner magazine tube by knurled magazine plug (21) until locking pin is free of notch in outer magazine tube (17) and withdraw inner magazine tube (18) toward muzzle. To disassemble inner magazine tube, drift out magazine plug pin (22) and withdraw plug (21), spring (20), and follower (19). To remove outside magazine tube (17), drift out rear magazine ring pin (10) and draw tube toward muzzle and out of rings (9 & 11).

With receiver held inverted, grasp action slide handle and move action slide bar (6) all the way forward. Pull handle to right and roll it off barrel so action slide bar comes out of slot in receiver to right. Remove action slide handle screws (7) and pull wooden handle off sleeve (5). Remove slide bar (6) from sleeve. Remove cartridge cutoff assembly (8) from slot at forward end of left side of receiver with fingers, or by drifting out gently.

Further disassembly of cartridge cutoff assembly is not recommended nor is removal of breechbolt retaining spring (12). Remove magazine rings (9 & 11) from barrel (2) by turning rings counterclockwise out of dovetails in barrel. Use a piece of wood dowel to accomplish this.

Remove buttplate screws and buttplate (not shown in exploded drawing) and remove buttstock bolt (15) and washer (16) through hole in rear of buttstock. Pull buttstock off guard assembly to rear. Reassemble in reverse.

Inside Winchester Rifle Magazine

Fig. 1. Breechbolt Takedown

Part Ejector Gun

Fig. 2. Guard Takedown

Fig. 1. Breechbolt Takedown

Fig. 2. Guard Takedown

A. Breechbolt

B. Firing pin

C. Firing pin retracting spring

D. Firing pin stop pin

E. Ejector

F. Ejector spring

G. Ejector pin

H. Upper extractor

J. Upper extractor spring

K. Upper extractor spring plunger

L. Lower extractor

M. Lower extractor spring

N. Lower extractor pin

0. Carrier plunger

P. Carrier plunger spring

Q. Carrier plunger pin

Drift out ejector pin (G) and withdraw ejector (E) and spring (F) from front of breechbolt (A). Drift out firing pin stop pin (D) and remove firing pin (B) and spring (C) from rear end of breechbolt. To remove upper extractor, place a thin screwdriver between extractor (H) and spring plunger (K), pulling plunger back with screwdriver.

Rock extractor upward and out of breechbolt. Remove plunger (K) and spring (J) from front of breechbolt. Drift out lower extractor pin (N) and remove lower extractor (L) and spring (M), taking care not to allow spring to escape forcibly. Drift out carrier plunger pin (Q) and remove carrier plunger (O) and spring (P) from right side of breechbolt. Reassemble in reverse order.

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