Winchester Model

Disassembly Procedure

Turn the bolt handle (10) upward and, holding the trigger (24) back, withdraw the bolt to the rear. Remove the magazine (37) and unscrew the barrel band screw (4) from the fore-end. After removing the stock stud screw (8), the barrel (1) and receiver assembly can be removed from the stock (40). For all normal cleaning purposes, this is sufficient disassembly.

To'take down the bolt, gently drift out the breech bolt sleeve pin (12) taking care not to allow, the breech bolt plug (14) and firing pin spring (13) to escape when withdrawal of the sleeve pin releases the compressed spring. In drifting out the sleeve pin, the punch or drift used should fit the sleeve pin hole and will serve to prevent the forceful ejection of the plug and spring. Drift out the firing pin stop pin (15A). With the breech bolt handle and cocking sleeve (10) all the way forward in the position shown in Fig. 2, the firing pin (15) can be withdrawn from the bolt toward the rear. The bolt handle and cocking sleeve (10) can now be slid off the rear of the bolt proper. The left- and right-hand extractors (16, 18) may be removed by drifting out their retaining pins (19), using care to prevent the loss of the small extractor springs (17). For ordinary cleaning purposes, disassembly of the bolt is not recommended and should only be undertaken by an experienced person when necessary for repair or replacement of broken parts.-mm

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