Fancy Free

THE PHOTOGRAPHS in the previous chapters showed actual guns, conceived in all seriousness. The drawings reproduced in this chapter are of unreal guns and fictitious advertisements, conceived in fun. Colt's Manufacturing Company never made, and never will make, any such pistols or revolvers.

Stephen Ickes, with considerable humor and imagination, drew these fantastic guns in fine detail for his own amusement and the mystification of Robert Abels. He sent the unsigned originals to Mr. Abels one at a time at odd intervals, and did not identify himself as the artist for a year or more.

The „New Apex" may puzzle some readers. The upper cylinder contains six chambers, one for each of the various cartridges. The lower cylinder contains six barrel bores, of six different calibers, one to match each chamber. The mechanism required to make the cylinders rotate in unison is very simple. No thought whatever has been given to it.

No further information will be released on any of these Fancy Free revolvers until after the return of the first space ship to visit Mars.

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