Adler pistol

The Adler pistol is of the blow backtype and was manufactured ca. 1904 to 1906. It had a fully exposed, fixed, and tapered barrel, an internal bolt with recoil spring and guide enclosed in a large and clumsy housing, a pivoted frame closure, and a somewhat streamlined grip frame. It had a mechanical thumb safety, located on the left side of the bolt housing.

The name Adler was derived from the name Adlerwaffenwerke which was used by Max Hermsdorf for patent and trade purposes. It is quite likely that the name had some rather direct connection with the Adler Fahrrad Werke, a large manufacturer of bicycles of that period. Presumably the original patent was issued to a Herr Haeussler, whose name not only always appears on the pistol but is also associated with other patents in the period 19031905. A German Patent No. 176909, issued August 22, 1905, to Max Hermsdorf ‚Äětrading as the Adlerwaffenwerke" at 12 Hammerweg, Zella St. Blasii, contains many details of the Adler pistol. Prior to 1905, Hermsdorfs name is to be found on patents which he assigned to Krupp. From this it would appear that Haeussler obtained the original patent and that Hermsdorf made and patented certain improvements in the design and arranged for its manufacture.

Adler pistols are marked (on the right side)

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