The Glisenti pistol, known as the Pistola Automatica M910, used for a time by the Italian Army and Navy, did not prove to be sufficiently successful. In 1910 and 1911 the firm of Metallurgica Bresciana, Gia Tempini (Brescia ), Italy, patented several modifications and simplifications of the Glisenti. By 1911 this firm had put this new version of the pistol into production as the Pistola Automatica Brixia. It was offered commercially and for service use. Apparently it was not adopted for service use and there is no evidence that it proved to be commercially popular. It was not long in production.

There is some evidence to support the belief that the firm Societa Siderurgica Glisenti underwent a reorganization and became the Metallurgica Bresciana Tempini, which accounts for the monogram MBT which appears on the right hand grip piece of the Brixia pistols. It is also reported that manufacture of the M910 (Glisenti) was continued by MBT, for the Italian service. Production was probably stopped with the advent of World War I.

At least one 6.35 mm. blowback vestpocket pistol was devised by this firm ca. 1912, but it apparently was not commercially successful.

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