Chylewski Pistol

The 6.35 mm. Chylewski automatic pistol is of interest particularly because it was the forerunner of the Einhand Lignose made for Akt. Gesellschaft Lignose by Bergmann. The pistol was designed by Witold Chylewski, an Austrian, around 1910-13. He contracted with the Soc. Industrielle Suisse (later S.I.G.) to produce a few hundred guns, apparently to be used principally as promotion specimens. By 1919 he had succeeded in interesting Theodor Bergmann, who took over the rights to manufacture the arm. (See Bergmann Pocket Pistols.)

The only real contribution made by Chylewski was the provision whereby the pistol could be cocked and fired with one hand. The forward end of the trigger guard was shaped like a trigger and by pulling back the guard with the trigger finger the gun was loaded and cocked, ready for firing. The idea was that the gun would be used for personal protection and could be carried safely in the pocket in unloaded condition until an emergency arose. The „one hand" feature made it possible to load, cock, and fire with one hand, without even taking the pistol out of the pocket. This system was not sufficiently popular to warrant its continued use and has long since been succeeded by other safety features.

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