Volume I of Three Volumes

Foreword v

Acknowledgment vii

Introduction xi

PART I, Laboratory identification of a firearm

Chapter 1. Principles involved 3

Chapter 2. Bullet identifications 10

Chapter 3. Cartridge identifications 22

Chapter 4. Instrumentation 36

Chapter 5. Restoration of serial numbers 77

Chapter 6. Pitfalls for the unwary 81

PART II, Measurements of rifling

Chapter 1. Data on hand guns 91 Section I

Rifling measurements on automatic pistols 92

Rifling measurements on revolvers and nonautomatic pistols 115

Section II

Data on automatic pistols arranged by number of grooves and direction of twist 132

Chapter 2. Data for some old revolvers with „gain" rifling 141

P A R T III, Miscellaneous notes on automatic pistols 149 APPENDICES

I Class characteristics of shell markings 311

II Rifling specifications 325

III Determination of caliber from weight of bullet 338

IV Determination of caliber of damaged bullets 340

V Spanish and Belgian firms who specialized in rifling of barrels 341

VI Manufacturers of automatic pistols 343

VII Manufacturers of revolvers and nonautomatic pistols 352

VIII Rim fire firing pin impressions 367

IX German codes for manufacturers of automatic pistols 395

Index 397

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