DWM pocket pistol

The D.W.M. pocket pistol was brought out by the Deutsche Waffen u. Munitionsfabrik of Berlin late in 1921 and was given the official nomenclature Pistole D.W.M. Modell 22, but the following year the name was changed to Pistole D.W.M. Modell 23, although the only apparent change was in the introduction of hard rubber grip pieces instead of plain wood pieces. Despite the official nomenclature the pistol is generally known, more simply, as the D.W.M. Pocket Pistol.

Since the manufacture of military types or types suitable for military use was forbidden by the conditions of the peace treaty, the D.W.M. firm naturally looked for something that could be made within the provisions of the treaty. Evidently they were much impressed by the F.N. Browning Model 1910, with which they no doubt had become thoroughly familiar, as the F.N. plant was operated under the supervision of the Germans during the occupation of Belgium in World War I. The D.W.M. pistol is almost an exact copy of the F.N. Browning, the only changes being minor ones. The grip was streamlined somewhat to give a more attractive appearance and better hold, the extractor shape was changed a bit, the magazine catch was made smaller and separate, and, of course, the pistol bore the familiar script insignia D.W.M. that was used on Luger pistols of their manufacture.

Serial numbering started at No. 1 and continued up to 10,000, at which point the military system of serial numbering was adopted and used for each subsequent block of 10,000. In this system the first 10,000 were numbered from 1 to 10,000, then each subsequent block of 10,000 was distinguished by having a different suffix letter added to the serial number-a, b, c, and d. No specimens have been seen having such high numbers, indicating a production of 50,000, but there seems to be some ground for belief that this represents approximately the entire production. Manufacture seems to have ceased in 1928 (or thereabouts) and sales stopped in 1930 or 1931. It may well be that production was discontinued because this pistol was quite obviously an infringement of F.N. patents.

Data for this pistol are as follows: over-all length, 6 inches; height, 4 inches; thickness, 1.5 inches; weight, empty, 20 ounces; and magazine capacity, 7 ctges.

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