Fired bullets that have no rifling marks

Several possibilities exist. The bullet may have been fired (1) from one of several smooth bore arms or (2) from a barrel in which the rifling has been worn away so completely as to leave no rifling marks-an occurrence by no means uncommon. The bullet may have been fired (3) from a „zip gun"-a homemade gun having a gas pipe or other tube for a barrel. Many such cases have occurred. It may have been fired (4) in a shotgun by the use of an adapter, of which many have been available. Or the evidence bullet (or bullets) may have been fired (5) from a shotgun shell by simply removing the original charge of shot and replacing it with one or several bullets.

A further „refinement" of this last procedure was thought up by an ingenious criminal in a large midwestern city several years ago, with the evident intent of „pinning" an intended murder against a particular person by making it appear that his gun was used. A shotgun shell was loaded with bullets that had been fired from this person's gun and recovered for the purpose - all without his knowledge of course. Fortunately for the owner of the rifled arm the shooting never came off, as the plans were discovered.

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