Gabilondo pistols

The name Gabilondo has been connected with the manufacture of firearms for over half a century and is well known the world over. It is one of three companies now permitted to make automatic pistols in Spain. It is also permitted to make revolvers.

The original firm was founded in 1904 under the name of Gabilondos y Urresti-the plural being used because two families of cousins were involved. In 1909 the cousins separated and the name was changed to Gabilondo y Urresti, under which name the company operated until July 1919, at which time the name was changed to its present form of Gabilondo y Cia., of Elgoibar.

Up to 1914 only revolvers were manufactured, such as the Velo Dog, Puppy, Nagant, etc. They also made the „Radium" pistol, sometimes called the „cigarette pistol" because of its appearance, the cartridges being stored inside the butt under a hinged grip. In 1914 they began the manufacture of automatic pistols, a venture which has brought them much success. These first pistols, discussed below, were produced under the name Ruby.

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