Galesi pistols

These pistols are manufactured by the Industria Armi Galesi, located in Collebeato (Brescia), Italy. The firm was founded in 1910 by Nicola Galesi, the father of Giuseppe Galesi who is the present proprietor. The first pistol was made in 1914 and production continued until 1923. In 1923 (or soon thereafter) production of the second model began. This model was based on Pat. No. 219,408 issued to Nicola Galesi on March 30, 1923. Just when production was started is not known, nor is it known how many were manufactured before it gave way to the Mod. 1930. Specimens known to have been made in 1928 bear serial numbers in the 130,000 range. This pistol was of the blowback type with no particularly distinctive or outstanding features. It was produced in both 6.35 and 7.65 mm. calibers.

In 1930 a new model appeared, based on Pat. No. 297,441 issued to Nicola Galesi on June 7, 1930, and it became known as the 1930 Model. This was also made in both 6.35 and 7.65 mm. calibers until 1936, when it was also issued in 9 mm. caliber. This change did not involve any change in model nomenclature. Specimen No. 138,827 in 6.35 mm. caliber dated 1937 shows the sliding floor plate and probably is one of the last to have this feature.

The 9 mm. version of this model was made for war service and is so marked. Following the Italian surrender, possibly as early as 1944, production of the Mod. 1930 in 7.65 mm. caliber was resumed. Speciman No. 145,233 (though undated) is probably of this vintage. It has an extension of the magazine floor plate which forms a rest for the little finger, thus producing a somewhat better grip.

Following World War II (in 1950) the designation of the pistol was again changed, becoming the Mod. 9, but with no important basic changes. Specimens of the 6.35 Mod. 1930 pistols dated 1937 appear to be identical to 6.35 mm, Mod, 9 which are dated 1947, with the exception of the design of the grip plates, the use of finer serrations in the finger grips on the slide, and the slightly more streamlined grip frames on the 1947 Mod, Observed specimens of the Mod. 1930 did not have raised front and rear sights, but such are provided on some (but not all) of the 7,65 mm, Mod, 9 pistols,

The Mod. 9 is produced in ,22 Short, ,22 Long, ,22 L.R., 6,35 mm,, and 7,65 mm, calibers and in different sized models for the same caliber, Also, they are available in a profusion of finishes and grip materials for each caliber and size, In fact no less than 54 quotations appear in the price list, All Galesi pistols are numbered consecutively, each caliber having a separate numbering series irrespective of model, Up to June 1959 over 300,000 pieces had been made, including all calibers and models.

The Galesi pistols are widely advertised and apparently well known in this country and, no doubt, will continue to be so, for they are very attractive in appearance, and their stainless steel barrels should render them less likely to corrode and less subject to wearing away of the rifling.

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