*Bullets not suitable for measurement.

Guns: .38 Spl. S&W, Military and Police, Victory Mod.

Ammunition: 38 Spl. Remington KLEANBORE, Police Service, 158 gr. Lead (5138) Lot No. XO8H25.

Collection Media: Long staple cotton.

Chambers Used: Guns No. 2 to 9 a random chamber was used for each test. Guns No. 10 to 18 a random chamber was chosen and held constant for each series of tests.

Cleaning: Guns cleaned before the first and after the last shot.

Rifling (Mfg. specifications): 5R, 1 turn in 183/4 „, bore diam. 0.3555 to 0.3572, groove width 0.114, groove depth 0.005, land width 0.1034. Rifled with hook cutter and lead lapped.

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