Kommer Waffenfabrik Zella-mehlis Pistole Kaliber

Four types or models of Kommer pistols made by the Theodor Kommer Waffenfabrik in Zella-Mehlis, Germany, are known. The dates at which these various models appeared are not known and no production figures are available. It does not seem likely, however, from such data as are at hand that the total production could have been very large.

The first type, to which no model number was assigned, is shown in the AKAH (A. Kind) Catalog of 1922 and presumably appeared around 1920 or 1921. It is a 6.35 mm. pistol of the Browning 1906 type having a somewhat curved rather than the straight grip, however, and a magazine capacity of 8 rounds. Specimen No. 3, examined by the author, had a length of 110 mm. and height of 87 mm. The barrel length is 53 mm. and weight ca. 360 grams with empty magazine.

The next model is referred to as Mod. II as described in the 1932 issue of the AKAH Catalog. It also is of 6.35 Brng. caliber with a magazine capacity of 6 instead of 8 rounds. The grip is not curved and it more nearly resembles the 1906 Browning pistol than does its predecessor. It is 110 mm. in length, 77 mm. in height, has a barrel length of 52 mm., and weighs ca. 350 grams.

No Mod. III is mentioned in the 1932 AKAH Catalog, but an undated Genschow Catalog (No. 82), which from the context appears to be a 1926 or 1927 issue, definitely lists the Mod. III and indicates that it is the same as the Mod. II except for the increased magazine capacity. The length (110 mm.) and the thickness (24 mm.) are the same. The height of Mod. III is given as 92 mm. whereas that for Mod. II is 77 mm., as stated. Both models have fourgroove rifling, with right hand twist.

A Mod. IV Kommer pistol of 7.65 mm. caliber is shown in the 1941 edition of Bock. As this is not mentioned in earlier catalogs it may be safe to assume that it came out in ca. 1940. This pistol is different from the preceding models and is definitely of the 1910 Browning type and appears to be quite an exact copy of the same. No specimen of this model has been encountered, however, and presumably not many were made because World War II seems to have ended the pistol making activities of this firm.

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