Measurements o f land widths in a DWM Luger automatic

A series of six bullets which had been fired from a D.W.M. Luger, dated 1916, serial No. 3837-a, were measured to ascertain the reproducibility of land widths. The land impressions on the test bullets were very clean cut, and, consequently, very satisfactory measurements could be made. The average width of the four land impressions on each of the six test bullets was 0.1136 inch, with the largest deviations being +0.0002 and -0.0003 inch. The ammunition used was 7.65 mm. Luger, Remington Kleanbore, 93 gr. M.C. (0730). The gun was cleaned before the first and after the last shot only.

The average land width for this gun had been determined in this laboratory about two years earlier by measuring the widths of the land impressions on lead disks forced through the barrel during the process of measuring the degree of rifling twist by the use of the rifling meter. The gun had not been used in the meantime. The value obtained at that time for the average width of the four lands was 0.1133 inch-a difference of only 0.0003 inch from the average value obtained two years later on six fired bullets.

The land widths for this gun are a little wider than usual for a four-land Luger. Previous measurements on five other Lugers of this type gave 0.108, 0.108, 0.107, 0.102, and 0.110 inch; and a Luger carbine was found to have an average land width of 0.110 inch.

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