Jose Cruz Mugica History

The Mugica automatic pistols are a product of Gabilondo y Cia., sold by Jose Cruz Mugica, a manufacturer of shotguns in Eibar. A 1958 communication from the former states that the Mugica is the same as the Llama „produced specially for Mr. Mugica to fill an order from Siam." In 1951, however, the Mugica firm issued a four-page pamphlet describing in some detail several models of the Mugica pistol he was offering for sale. The three models illustrated all bear Mugica's markings, including his trade mark on the grips. A typical slide marking is JOSE CRUZ MUGICA - EIBAR (ESPAÑA) CAL - 7.65 (32) „MUGICA".

The pistols sold by Mugica and the similar Llama models are given in Table 32.

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