Other older models

Astra 700 Special - This pistol was produced around 1925. It was simpler in construction than the preceding models and had no grip safety. Some 4000 of these were made and sold as an „economy pistol."

Astra 700 - In more recent years (exact date not known) a new 700 Model was designed but was made only in prototype form. Only a few specimens were made.

Astra 1000 - This 7.65 mm. pistol was made for Astra-Unceta y Cia. by a firm in Ermua. It had an 11-round magazine. No figures as to production are available, but the number was probably small.

Factory literature gives the data for the Mod. 100 Special, Mod. 700 Special, and Mod. 1000 shown in Table 21. No description of the Mod. 100 Special has been seen, but from the photograph it appears to be like the pistol produced in wartime and probably is the same.

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