Oversized bore in rifled barrels

An oversized bore results in slippage of bullets fired through it and since successively fired bullets do not slip in exactly the same manner repetitive markings are not produced. Identifications can not be made on such bullets. The effect is naturally one of varying degree. Sometimes by firing a number of test bullets enough semblance of identity may be found to warrant a conclusion. In other cases no semblance of identity will be found when test bullets are compared either with each other or with the evidence bullet, because, even though the rifling may be in good condition, the bullet does not fill the cross section of the bore sufficiently to produce marks of any value. To get information regarding the true character of the bore an oversized bullet may be fired through it, but this only infrequently gives the examiner any substantial help. Three such revolvers that had been used in a shooting during a bank robbery were once submitted to the author. The guns were obviously of very poor construction and were fired with some trepidation in order to get test bullets. Using the ammunition for which the guns were intended, as indicated by markings on the guns, the test bullets had obviously „slithered" through the barrels without picking up repetitive marks. Though many bullets were fired, no two test bullets showed sufficient identity to enable one to say that they had passed through the same barrel. Needless to say, no better comparisons could be obtained with the evidence bullets. Probably every examiner has had a similar experience-but it is unusual to have three such guns submitted in connection with a single case!

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