Pat Brevete Drgm

The letters D.R.G.M. stand for Deutsche Reich Gebrauch Muster (i.e., the German Reich License for Use). The presence of the French word „Brevete" does not necessarily mean that the gun was not made in Germany as it does appear on pistols definitely known to have been made there-some early Bergmanns for example. The conclusion is that both may have been made in Belgium, and this is further borne out by the identity of all details in the grip monogram which consists of the word SIMPLEX. Admittedly, grips can be transferred from one gun to another-which naturally sometimes leads to confusion.

Bergmann SimplexMenz Firearms
Fig. 119. Bergmann Military type (1897).
Bergmann Pistol
Fig. 120. Bergmann Military type (1897).
Bergmann 1897
Fig. 121. Bergmann Military type (1897). Action closed. (Part of barrel cut away).
Bergmann Simplex
Fig. 122. Bergmann Military type (1897). Action open.
Bergmann 1897
Fig. 123. Mars Military Pistol Mod. 1903. Bergmann's Industrie Werke, Gaggenau (Baden ), Germany.
German Brevette Pistols
Fig. 124. Mars Military Pistol. With shoulder stock-case.
Colt Commando Cutaway

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    What does DRGM stand for stamped on my german rifle?
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