Pitfalls for the unwary

Offhand judgments are nowhere more dangerous than in the field of firearms investigations, where the life or liberty of a person may be at stake, and the old adage that „a little learning is a dangerous thing" is nowhere better exemplified. Even those who have had years of experience frequently run into something new and unexpected. A good philosophy to adopt is „to expect the unexpected." An investigator who knows all the answers is a very dangerous person!

Some, but by no means all, of the situations that may cause trouble are listed and discussed below. A number of these may appear quite obvious, but they, as well as those not so obvious, should be kept in mind. Others, while occurring more rarely, are definite possibilities that the examiner must consider. No single investigator is likely to encounter them all. Doubtless there are many others that might be included in this listing.*

*Taken to a considerable extent from a compilation made by the late Col. Goddard and his associates, by permission.

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