Replacement of a firing pin

Such replacements are not difficult to make in the case of most automatic pistols, but are more difficult in some other types of arms. The author has had one such case involving a rifle. A game warden who was in a tree making a deer survey was shot by a hunter who mistook him for a bear. Upon discovering his mistake the hunter ran away. No bullet was recovered but a fired rifle shell was found in the vicinity of the shooting. While the firing pin impression was a good one, other markings, such as extractor marks, ejector marks, and breech-face marks, were not. The suspect's rifle was confiscated after considerable time had elapsed and the owner had had the firing pin replaced-a fact brought out by good detective work. Naturally the firing pin impressions on the evidence shell and the test shells fired in the laboratory with the new firing pin did not agree. Usually other markings of sufficiently good quality are present so that such an interchange of firing pins would be of no avail. While such cases of interchange may be rare they must be kept in mind as a possibility.

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