Reproducibility of measurements made by the rifling meter

Table No. 3 shows the reproducibility of measurements obtainable by the use of the rifling meter for a rifled barrel that has a uniform twist and is in very good condition. Frequently the twist is not uniform throughout the length of the barrel and in such cases (with exceptions noted below) an average is taken. Occasionally one portion of a barrel will show good, uniform rifling and another portion will show irregularities due to wear, corrosion, or faulty rifling. In such cases the measurements should be limited to that portion of the barrel that shows good rifling. One great advantage of the rifling meter is that measurements can be made at very small intervals of length and any nonuniformity of rifling twist shows up promptly. Since the purpose of the rifling is to cause the bullet to achieve a rapid rotation on its longitudinal axis which will give it stability in flight, it is obvious that a perfectly rifled barrel should have uniform dimensions as to bore, groove and land widths, depth of grooves, and a constant angle of rifling throughout the length of the barrel, and the grooves should be clean cut and all surfaces should be entirely free from any roughness. Of course, such a barrel has not been produced yet and never will be, because absolute perfection is unattainable.

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