Unique Mikros Pistol 6.35mm

Catalog data for Mikros-1958 Model pistol


.22 cal. and 6.35 mm.*

. 22 cal. with long barrel

Total length

112 mm. (4V)

157 mm. (63/16")

Barrel length

57 „ (274")

102 „ (4")


74 „ (215/16")

74 „ (2l5/16")

Weight (steel frame)

350 gm. (ca. 12.3 oz.)

375 gm. (ca. 13.2 oz.)

Weight (alloy frame)

265 „ (ca. 9.35 oz.)

290 „ (ca. 10.23 oz.)

Magazine capacity

6 ctges.

6 ctges.

*Note that dimensions and weights are stated to be the same in spite of the difference in bore. The 1958 is designated the K Model, the .22 being the Ke and the 6.35 the Kn.

Having an external hammer adds a measure of safety, as the position of the hammer indicates whether the gun is or is not cocked. Furthermore the pistol can be carried uncocked with a cartridge in the chamber, and can be cocked and fired with one hand. In case of a misfire the gun can be cocked again almost instantly for a second try. These are important features in case of an emergency, where time may be very important.

In addition there are the usual modern safety features, consisting of a thumb-operated mechanical safety and a magazine safety which prevents the arm from being fired when the magazine is out. The thumb safety has red and white dots, which are alternately exposed, to indicate the „Fire" and „Safe" positions.

Disassembly is simple. The slide is drawn back and locked in the open position with the thumb safety lever, the magazine is removed while pressing the release button on the left grip piece, the barrel is pushed back a bit to unlock it and is then lifted out, the thumb safety is now turned to release the slide which can be removed by sliding it forward, and the spring and guide can be removed after the slide is off.

Audax-The Audax pistol was made in both 6.35 and 7.65 mm. calibers and was marketed exclusively by La Cartoucherie Francaise in Paris, according to information supplied by the factory. It was produced from 1931 to 1939.

The 6.35 mm. model is practically identical to the „UNIQUE" No. 11 which had been introduced in 1930. The dimensions, however, as stated in advertising literature, are slightly different. The Audax is slightly longer and higher, but of the same weight. The position and shape of the thumb safety are different, in that the lever projects forward from under the left side of the left grip plate. The arm is disassembled in the same manner as the „UNIQUE" and other Browning 1906 types. Like the „UNIQUE" No. 11, it has a grip safety in addition to the thumb safety and magazine safety.

The 7.65 mm. Audax closely resembles, but is not identical to, the „UNIQUE" Mod. No. 19. The magazine capacity (7) is the same for each. The length is stated to be 150 mm., length of barrel 97 mm., height 99 mm., and weight 570 grams (empty)as compared to a length of 145 mm., height 96 mm., and weight of 615 grams for the No. 19 „UNIQUE .

The thumb safety lever (slightly different in form) is located in the same relative position and functions in the same manner as for the 6.35 mm. model. Instead of having the magazine release catch at the bottom of the grip frame, as in the 6.35 pistol, the release is of the push-in type and is located on the frame directly back of the lower part of the trigger guard. There is also a short rib on the lower end of the back strap which is not present on the smaller model. The name of the manufacturer does not appear on either model, the inscription on the 7.65 mm. pistol (and that on the smaller one is similar) reads:


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