Tauler pistols

The Tauler automatic pistols were identical to certain models of the Llama series produced by Gabilondo y Cia. and were given special markings for sale by Senor Tauler of Madrid. Tauler was a gunsmith and in addition was an Olympic champion and at one time Captain of the Secret Police.

Gabilondo agreed to supply pistols marked with the Tauler trade mark for those contracts and sales made by Senor Tauler to Spanish police departments and other government departments. The Tauler name (or trade mark) was patented (or registered) on December 13, 1933. Llama pistols were produced and sold under this name from 1933 until 1935, according to information supplied by the Gabilondo firm.

The Tauler pistols and their identical Llama counterparts, sold under this arrangement, were as follows: Tauler Mod. 1, 7.65 mm., and Llama Mod. I; Tauler Mod. 11, 9 mm., and Llama Mod. II; Tauler Mod. 111, 9 mm. Short, and Llama Mod. III; Tauler Mod. IV, 9 mm. Largo (Bergmann), and Llama Mod. VII; and Tauler Mod. V, .38 Super (ACP ), and Llama Mod. VII.

Tauler pistols may be encountered with several forms of trade marks; the earliest type coincides with the first Llama trade mark (that of a heart within a circle), the second type shows a dog's head within a circle, and the last showed a kneeling Indian with bow and arrows. This last mark appears on a Tauler pistol marked ‚ÄěTAULER MARK P - CAL. 9 mm." This specimen appears identical to the Llama Mod. VIII, a model which was provided with a grip safety prior to World War II.

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