The base

The base of the instrument is a 1-inch thick American black walnut board edged with a modified „OG" bead all around. Inset on the under side of this base are two pieces of cold rolled steel, 1/4x1 inch, through which are threaded the three adjusting screws whose ends terminate in knurled knobs, thus giving a three-point support for the instrument. In order that the operator may be seated in a normal position at the instrument, the entire assembly is set on three pyramidal wood blocks of the correct height for the operator's eye level.

Materials used throughout are stainless steel and brass except the inclined planes whose bearing surfaces are faced with cold rolled steel. All exposed brass surfaces are finished with black Hilo crystallizing varnish („crackle finish"). The camera body is covered with Keratol (simulated leather) and the base is piano finished (several coats of clear Valspar varnish, hand pumiced and polished).

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