The carriage

This part of the instrument (Figs. 62, 63, 64) has in its assembly the mechanism for transmitting vertical, horizontal, longitudinal, and circular motion to specimens being compared and photographed. It is so arranged that the image of one object may be juxtaposed above the other exactly. The carriage travels on a pair of 1/2-inch square tracks, 8 inches in length and secured to the base of the instrument, and it is actuated by a 1/4-inch lead screw (G in Fig. 65) having 28 threads to the inch. All lead screws are of the same diameter and pitch throughout. Rising from the carriage are two supports capable of being moved to the right or left independently of each other by means of two inclined planes and actuated by individual lead screws (Hl and H2). Each of these supports carries a bracket to which is attached a small worm and worm gear so arranged that there is virtually no backlash. These worm gear assemblies impart circular motion to the specimens they carry when knobs Rl and R2 are turned. The brackets are moved vertically by means of inclined planes built into the supports. The planes are moved by lead screws V1 and V2. The shaft in the center of each worm gear is a small split stud to which different types of specimen mounts may be quickly and easily attached. All lead screws are coupled, by means of small Hooke's joints (universal joints, Fig. 64) to the control rods which terminate in the series of control knobs (Fig. 65) at the lower edge of the plate end of the camera; thus the operator may remain seated while making all adjustments, once the bullets are aligned vertically.

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