The problem of vibration and its elimination

In laboratories where there is troublesome vibration, special arrangements must be made to meet this situation since relatively slow-speed photography is used in photographing guns. In the processes involving magnification, such as photographing objects under a microscope, vibration is particularly troublesome.

Mounting the photographic equipment on a base which is firmly attached to the floor usually increases the difficulty since vibrations of the floor will be transmitted to the apparatus because of the attachment. The opposite course should be taken-there will be no vibration of the equipment if it is „floated" quite independently of the vibrating floor. In the case of the comparison microscope, where the camera and microscope are mounted rigidly on the same base, vibration is less than it would be if they were mounted separately because, under such circumstances, they will vibrate as a unit and the difficulty is thus minimized. In photomicrography at higher magnifications, however, and particularly if there is much vibration in the building, the whole assembly should be supported so that the vibrations will be completely absorbed. In the case where the microscope and camera are mounted firmly on the same base, the entire assembly may be mounted on a foam-rubber support (or supports). If this does not suffice, a modification of the procedure described below may be used.

In the case where a large assembly is used, such as the one described above for photographing hand guns, the assembly may be too heavy to be supported adequately by the use of foam rubber. In such a case a partially inflated inner tube of suitable size placed under a platform carrying the entire photographic setup can be used. A circular platform is recommended, as projecting corners are not desirable, and a 2- or 3-inch rim around the lower edge of the platform not only helps to conceal the inner tube but helps to hold it in place. Obviously this rim must not touch the floor. Such an arrangement will „float" a fairly heavy assembly and all vibration will be damped out. Because of its inertia, a heavy assembly, when so supported, will vibrate less than a lighter one.

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