UNIQUE and related pistols

The „UNIQUE" pistols are a product of the firm Manufacture D Armes des Pyrenees located at Hendaye in the southwestern part of France near the Spanish border. In addition to the pistols bearing the brand name „UNIQUE", the firm made many others which bore the brand name of the dealer to whom they were supplied. Some of these were identical (or practically so) with the „UNIQUE" line, while others were of different design. Both will be dealt with later.

Factory literature indicates that the production of UNIQUE" pistols started in 1923. Between that date and 1940 eleven models were produced; many of these represented only slight differences, however. During World War II the Germans took over control of the plant and continued to produce the same type of pistols under the same name. The first to be so produced was practically identical to an existing model (No. 17, to be described later) but with changed grip plates. Each pistol made in this period will be found to bear the German military acceptance mark, indicating that they were being made for military use.

Later in the war certain other changes were made, giving rise to a new nomenclature-the Kriegsmodell. This will be discussed more fully later.

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